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We have made it to 20 weeks! Phew



As the title says, we are so relieved to have made it to 20 weeks. No symptoms at the moment other than a growing belly, oh and a stretch marked boob ha ha.

I was so so nervous before this scan as it all seems so surreal after all these years of trying. Our little one has all normal measurements and nothing worrying to see. Again, we are so so relieved. What a journey. Each day a little small baby step closer to realising our dream and welcoming our little one to the world.

Team yellow goes forth! Yay!!!

Big love to all xx

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Great news! It's such a milestone and glad you are feeling well. Enjoy the next few weeks/months as I'm told the second half of pregnancy goes really quickly xx

Camillage in reply to HollieW

Thank you so much. I still have some disbelief and anxiousness, but that will be there forever I guess xx

HollieW in reply to Camillage

That's completely normal but is reassuring when you hit the half way stage! Xx

RedHope in reply to Camillage

It certainly will be. I’m guessing that’s motherhood... 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Aw great news! Halfway there. I also got stretch marks on my boobs but weirdly they didn’t feel/look any bigger xx

I thought that too. So strange. Anyway, bio oil at the ready. I shall be religiously applying it! X

Aww congratulations lovely picture . I know what you I still feel it’s surreal having a baby all these years later! 🤣 Glad it went well ❤️ xoxo

Camillage in reply to jess1981

Thank you jess. Hope all well with you today? Xx

Congratulations!! Happy halfway! 🎉 xx

Camillage in reply to Sfarre

Thank you. Such a great milestone to reach x

Congratulations! That’s a lovely scan photo. Half way there! Mind you the worry doesn’t stop after they arrive, my poor baby has been drinking very little over the last day and a half, been to GP at lunch for a check up (can’t find anything wrong) but depending on how much she has between now and 4:50pm will determine if we need to take her to be seen at hospital 😢 She’s had 100mls since 4am x

Oh what a worry for you. I hope it turns around xx

Same here! Cheeky minx is still happy most of the time so it’s really hard to know what’s going on 😂 she was smiling at the doctor! x

Oh that's good. X

Amazing I am so thrilled for you xx

Camillage in reply to Daisy1245

Thank you so much Daisy. How are you? Xx

Daisy1245 in reply to Camillage

Hey I am ok, depends which day you ask! But today is a happy day because of your great news 😘 xx

Camillage in reply to Daisy1245

I can totally relate to you sadly. But I really hope you will be here too one day in the very near future. Xx

Another milestone passed and you're halfway through now!! Lovely news xxx

Thank you x

Aww! Such a beautiful moment! What a gorgeous pic of your little darling! I'm so pleased all is well xxx

Thank you chrissie. Still pinching myself (and poking around my belly to see if I can feel him/her) x


That is so lovely to see, so happy for you all! x

Camillage in reply to Hidden

Thank you little blue xx

Yay congratulations!!! Its so lovely to see then on screen so pleased for you xxxx

Camillage in reply to ALLY81

It's great. S/he also moved about, waved, wriggled etc. It was amazing, surprising and lifting all at the same time x

I am soooo happy for you! Such wonderful news 💜

Camillage in reply to SConnor

Thank you so much xx

Amazing news!! Half way there!! I feel you on the growing belly and stretch marked boobs 🙈😂

Go team yellow!! xx

Camillage in reply to CLN1986

The boob thing is weird. One boob, just on the underside. Oh well xx

I’m so happy for you! ❤️ x

Camillage in reply to kirstyblue

Thank you so much kirsty blue x

Ah I forgot to ask if you’d found out the sex, or even if you wanted to.. I guess you want a surprise.. 👍🏻 I’m so pleased for you xx

Camillage in reply to Tugsgirl

Yes, at least one surprise through this whole journey! X


Aw lovely. Halfway there now😀x

Oh Camillage I'm so delighted for you. Congratulations - you're half way there :) x

Ahhhhh how fabulous!! Congratulations! Amazing xxx

Yay this is so exciting!! So glad to hear all looking tip top 😊 xx

Oh it is a wonderful picture and a great news that makes me smile after a long stressed time😍so happy for u both! Sending u lots of love and hugs! xxxxxx

Wow! Great picture and great news -congratulations. I hope things continue running smoothly for you xx

Aww congratulations not long to go x

Congratulations...not long till you meet them best feeling in the world xx


Brilliant news 😊😊😊 so happy for you x x

Brilliant news. Half way now 😊 lovely scan photo too 😀 xxx

Can I just say my daugher has just had a little girl 5 weeks early after 12 years of trying n 6 miscarriages n a molar pregnancy, no IVF or nothing ur just happened when she stopped thinking about it n she’s now got her little daughter but was still scared knowing she was early n then she got jaundice n wunt feed so this was scary too but she’s home now n gaining weight nicely x

Wow, what a journey. Congratulations to your daughter xx

That’s it it’s awful but nice to see the good news come in the end and the same for you, i hope my comment made u feel a little less anxious but it must be scary x

She was 4.2 n now she’s 5.4 x

Congrats x

So pleased that all is well. Here's to the arrival of your dream!!xx

Fabulous news. Just one day at a time - I'm still doing that at 34 weeks!


Camillage in reply to Mantaray75

Oh that's brilliant. Not long to go now for you. Thanks for all your support. Xx


Great news - I'm so pleased for you xx

Camillage in reply to Hidden

Thank you x

What a lovely scan picture 😍 half way there now, so pleased for you xx

Camillage in reply to Leannefb

Thank you x

Hi. Sorry i havent been on here a while. Congratulations! What a milestone to reach. You must be buzzing. I bet you cant stop looking at the scan. It is sooo surreal isnt it! Onwards and upwards hey xxx so happy for you. You deserve it. We all do on here. X


Yay, so good to hear, Camilage! X

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