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Aptamil anti-reflux formula when out and about

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Hi folks

I hope everyone is well.

I am after advice about using this formula when not at home. The box says the water should be cooled no longer than 45 mins. So if just taking a bottle of pre-boiled water with me, then adding the formula when ready to feed, was the only issue then that’d be perfectly simple; it’s the time limit on the water cooling that I’m uncertain of - I am guessing it needs to be within the 45 mins because of the consistency of the milk. How do you get round this when having to make up a bottle away from home? We use a perfect prep machine at home so this makes to the exact temp, and using a kettle at home is also fine, it’s getting the times and temps right outside that’s the problem. x

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I hated thinking about bottles when out and about. I ended up buying the premade stuff then just carrying a flask with me. I don’t suppose you can get anti-reflux stuff in the premade? X

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It’s really stressing me but seems such a routine thing! Glad it’s not just me. I’ve not seen the anti-reflux in the pre-made but have actually just bought some standard pre-made as a back-up and figured the odd bottle of that the odd day won’t harm him. x

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I was just about to ask if the odd bottle of normal stuff would be ok. That was the only way for me to not stress about it. My friend just used warm water (it had been boiled just cooled by the time she used it) and her baby seemed fine but I never felt comfortable doing that x

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I’m actually okay with him on room temp bottles, he’s been used to them from day one. With this formula though it seems to have this time limit of cooled no longer than 45 mins - could be that’s just to be by the book and stay “safe /healthy” in terms of bacteria rather than to do with the actual formula itself. I’ll see what else I can find online. Thanks so much for your replies, hope your wee family is well xx

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I never imagined it would be so complicated doing bottles when out and about 😂 but it worked out in the end. Hope you find a nice easy solution.

It’s Florence’s first bday Thursday 😬 can’t actually believe it xx

Hi WeeMrsH, the 45minutes with 1L minimum volume is to ensure the water is still above 70degrees when you use it to kill off any bacteria left in the formula. Therefore you can take a flask of boiled water out for the day and it’ll be fine to use for a couple of feeds before getting too cool. In terms of getting the temperature right for feeding you have 3 choices:

1) make it up in advance whilst out and leave to cool for no more than 2hrs before giving or

2) Make as above but ask a cafe etc for some water to cool it if it’s closer to feed time or

3) take along cooled boiled water along with the hot and put hot into bottle, add powder and make up rest of feed with the cool water for an instant right temperature.

With no.3 you’ll need to work out the ratios of hot to cold for the size of feed etc and don’t forget the powder will displace some of the water so you’ll need a separate sterilised container to measure out the cold correctly to make the right volume in total or your formula will be too concentrated. No.3 is a bit like how the perfect prep works, we use this method in and out the house so we’re not spending time cooling bottles during the night etc or spending the money on a perfect prep machine 😂 As long as the flask hasn’t been used for anything else it doesn’t need sterilising according to the NHS website (probably because the boiling water does it for you) and we use the same principle for the container we put the cooled boiled water in. We fill it boiling, leave the lid cracked, leave it to cool on the bench, tighten lid and then put it in our fridge and use it within 24hrs. We’re using some avent breast milk beakers but you could easily use a spare bottle for this job 😊

All the best with feeding out and about.....one day we won’t need to lug all this stuff around x

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Thank you! Very comprehensive advice 😃 I’ll try a combination/ couple different methods and see how I get on, with a ready-made bottle in the bag for back up! xx

Hi, I just used a flask chick and then added cold water filtered and do the same measurements to the prep when out x so the flask with hot water and then a bottle with filter water in either from the prep or bottled is ok and then did the hot shot added the formula then added the cold milk.

I took a flask of hot water. Put the required say 6oz of formula in the sterilised bottle. When out put 2oz boiling water into bottle and shake. Then fill with tap water. And bottle ready to go.

If you are really cautious then take another flask with cooled down boiled water rather than tap water

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Thanks. Yes will work as you say. Think I’m going to take sterilised bottle with cooled boiled water in there, say 3.5/4oz, with a flask of boiled water to top up to the 5/6oz then add formula. I’m sure it’ll become 2nd nature once I’ve done it a few times 😃

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You want the boiled water on the formula to kill any bacteria first though. That's the bit that's not sterilized. Your basically doing a manual Tommy tippee bottle.

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Would love to offer advice on that but sadly not quite got to that point... I know there is mumsnet that a lot of woman are on with newborns and all other types of questions. Hope you find a resolve.

Good luck

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