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Midwife appointment update; glucose test & growth scan at 28 weeks.

Hi everyone.

Just a wee update.

We saw the midwife yesterday & everything is going well.

Apart from I have carpal tunnel syndrome & plantar fasciitis due to pregnancy. She has recommended I try exercises for the carpal tunnel syndrome which I should find online, try to sleep with hands stretched out & try a splint. It is pretty painful & has me up through the night! Regards to the plantar fasciitis she says I’m doing everything I can! Isn’t pregnancy glam 🤣

I have decided to go ahead with the glucose test & as my son was considered small for 39 weeks + 1 day he was 6lb 6 oz ( he’s now 20 & 6 foot 1 🤣) I was offered a growth scan at 28 weeks. I will be having those done 12th March at my local hospital. Has anyone else had this done & how did you feel afterwards? I have issues with low blood sugar levels & if I’m not careful I can feel very dizzy & unwell ( had this since a little girl my Dad also gets it too ) so I am a bit worried about this test. She said I might need the day off work to recover but see how I feel( my jobs are physical) my work aren’t supportive with time off but I have tried to fit as many appointments within my own time but this one I can’t.

I will be seeing a specialist for my ongoing issues with my sinuses ( nearly 9 years of constant sinusitis😳) in April.

I also still have a cyst under my eyelid still ( it’s been there middle December ) I seen the nurse practitioner New Year’s Eve & she recommended I tried warm sterilised water a few times a day.

At least my baby is well 🤣 x

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I had the glucose test with my second pregancy nobody actually told me why my first was 6lb 8oz at 39+6 maybe thats was why, came back normal you have to get bloods took drink this sweet drink wait an hour then bloods again if i remember right nothing exciting just went back to work afterwards.

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Thank you for replying & reassuring me 🙂. I think the glucose test is due to my bmi being slightly raised at my booking appointment & the growth scan is due to my sons birth weight. Hope you are okay xoxo

I’ve had the glucose test and it was fine, I was a little worried as had heard horror stories about it but honestly the drink isn’t to bad. You fast from the night before, have a blood test then take the drink and wait 2 hrs before another blood test. I was just starving after lol I’ve also had an emergency growth scan due to reduced movements which was pretty worrying but have a routine one tomorrow then again at 32 & 36 weeks.

I’m glad you’re being well looked after. Xx

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Thank you. It is nice to hear it’s not that bad! I too have read awful stories! 😳 Glad to hear all is going well with your pregnancy ❤️xoxo

Ahhhh like you say at least baby is well! I didnt have the glucose test because im a wimp and hate needles!! But lots of people i know have had it and feel fine so you are braver than me!!! Hopefully will be understanding its not your fault at the end of the day its just a combination of things and should allow the time for the appointments hopefully you get a chance of a rest soon! xxx

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Thank you, it’s good to know it’s not too bad! I don’t like needles either! 🙈 I just want to know all is okay 🙂 I told work it has to be okay this is more important 🙂 I tried a longtime for this baby 😍 Not long till your little one is due? xoxo

I have had to have the glucose test twice both came back fine, baby just has a large tummy. Been having growth scans since 26 weeks every 2/3 weeks. Baby is fine, just belly large, for 1 today then consultant tomorrow to find out if il be induced or c section.

I also got carpal tunnel, I know your pain, I got some splints which I wear of a night time, haven’t really noticed if doing anything yet.

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Thank you for replying. Good luck for today ❤️xoxo

Hey, I had the glucose test at 24 weeks and yes I felt dizzy and light headed. You need to eat/drink as soon as you’re allowed to once they take the second blood test. I have multiple growth scans booked due to a low pap a..... found at 12 week scan. It links to having a small baby. So my 28 week scan is on Monday..... so nervous but the extra scans are a blessing to see babs and know 🙏🏻 they are okay 🙏🏻 Hope all is well with you xxx

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Thank you for replying. I get really dizzy when my blood sugar is low so not looking forward to it! Good luck for your scan on Monday ❤️xoxo

I had the glucose test, was dreading it due to my nausea etc (and I’ve never felt well if hungry pre pregnancy!) but actually I didn’t find it that bad, just took a snack that I could eat immediately after it was done. So glad things are going well, wishing you all the best for the rest of your pregnancy, keep us all up to date x

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Thank you. I will organise a sandwich to have afterwards that should help 🙂 I hope you are well xoxo

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Things are going well at the moment so yes 😀 Baby has decided to get her own back for the cold I gave her a few weeks ago by returning the favour but this one isn’t as bad 😂 xxx

I’ve got my gtt on Friday morning, I know a few people that have had it and haven’t found it too bad. I’ll let you know. I also think I have carpel tunnel, as my fingers keep going numb and my wrists hurt and I get a popping sensation in the palm of my hand when i move my wrists a certain way. Fun!

Hope you start to feel better with yours soon. Glad things are progressing well with your pregnancy and you’re getting somewhere with the sinus issue. X

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Thank you for your reply. Sorry to hear you have carpal tunnel it’s not nice ☹️ Good luck with your glucose test tomorrow xoxo

Carpal tunnel is horrid, I had it quite bad as well in the last 6-8 weeks of my pregnancy. I brought some splints on amazon which helped a little but it was pretty painful during the night. Completely gone once I had my LO 2 weeks ago!

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Thank you. Carpal tunnel syndrome is not very nice sorry to hear you had it glad it’s gone now! xoxo

Wow Jess you really are having everything. Carpal tunnel sounds awful and plantar fasciitis too! Hope the exercises work. Good luck for things calming down xxx

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Thank you. It’s been an interesting pregnancy 😳 just as well I was desperate to be pregnant... 🤣 all be worth it tho, still count myself as very lucky to be having a baby 😍 I hope you are keeping well. Your 20 week scan must be soon? xoxo

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I know. We think the hard part is getting pregnant. Well, it is. But definitely all worth it in the end when we get there. 20 week scan next week. I am trying not to let the anxiety bubble up ha ha xx

I had it Jess and it was absolutely fine. Blood is taken from you then you’re given a glucose drink. You’ve to wait two hours and then they take more blood and normally get your results in the afternoon. I was tired and hungry after it but I ended up with a positive for gestational diabetes. Sorry to hear you’re having a hard time.xx

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Thank you for the reassurance that does help. Sorry to hear you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I hope you are being well looked after& it’s under control ❤️ xoxo

I had the glucose test just over a week ago. No food and only sips of water from 9pm in the evening though I stopped having anything after 7.30 so I was starving the next day. They took blood and gave me a drink that had to be consumed within 5 minutes of the bloods being taken then nothing else for two hours- you have to sit still too, no moving around so take something to keep you busy! Had the 2nd blood done and then got told to go eat and drink. They left my test quite late (past 32 weeks) despite us asking twice before Christmas if I needed it to be told no and we weren't told what I was having it done so late either. I assume it's because from my growth scans baby is on the large side. So glad to be pregnant but also had a few issues with severe sickness and dehydration, hip problems, insomnia and the latest one- baby lying on a nerve so I keep losing the feeling on my left leg. Had more time off work than I would like but I'm on the home stretch now, 3 weeks and I finish ready for my induction 1- 2 weeks later. It'll all be worth it in the end :) xx

Had my gtt today. It was fine, they did a finger prick blood test to check levels and then took the blood from my arm. I then had to drink the sugary drink and then some water both of which were measured amounts. I fasted from midnight and was told I could have water and I was told you can have sips of water during the two hours. I also could come and go as I pleased so went home and came back in again for the second blood test.

Definitely take some food with you though and a drink as I was hungry and thirsty and quite tired too.

I’ve also been told to self refer for physio for my carpel tunnel so will be interesting to see what comes from that.


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