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Sleep during pregnancy

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Hi all,

Can anyone please give me any tips/advice for a better nights sleep? I am just over 16 weeks pregnant and my sleeps are constantly broken. I wake up during early hours with horrible leg numbness and like restless leg feeling (siatica I believe). I can’t get used to sleeping on my left side at all! Is it absolutely necessary that I sleep on my left?

Thanks in advance x

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I know others are going to frown at me for saying this, but I just lay on whatever side I can get comfy and then I have a half decent sleep. Have you tried a body pillow? x

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kirstyblue in reply to CLN1986

I haven’t yet no..I might try a pregnancy pillow but I’m not sure how much it’s gonna help. My bumps not even that big yet so I’m surprised I’m even thinking about trying one so early. Do you have one? Does it help you? X

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I have a pillow but not used it yet, like you said, the bump isn’t quite big enough but might just be worth a try to see if it helps you get comfy to drift off? x

I slept on my right, they say don't because you have a major vain on that side but I found that if I slept on my left I would Wake up on my right anyways. Just get comfy and enjoy the next few months before baby arrives. It's so magical. Congrats!

Thanks for your reply. I’ve heard that baby gets more oxygen on your left so that’s why it’s so important but I’m just really struggling sleeping on that side. My left side feels like it’s getting no blood flow when I’m led on it all night. X

I can't sleep on my front - which I'm liking as I usually sleep a lot on my front!! Left side for me is comfiest but will sleep however I can get comfy. Am finding turning over awkward now and will usually get up once for the loo.

I feel you Kirsty, I'm the same and my bump isn't that big yet either! 19 weeks today and like you I've been trying to sleep on my left and finding it difficult, since 16 weeks or so. But now I've relaxed it a little as I think the lack of sleep was not good for me or bubba...! So I rotate positions in the night: try to fall asleep on my left with pillows/pregnancy pillow, then can swap between right side and on my back in the night (I wake up to pee at least 3 times though so gives me chance to get more comfy and change position!)

Hope you manage to find something that works for you, sleep is so important isn't it, and we definitely don't get enough! All the very best to you and bump! xx

Think we're all in the same boat. I'm 26wks and recently my hips have been really hurting during the night and I'm constantly tossing and turning getting comfortable. I normally sleep in the recovery position with a pillow under my bent leg and that seems to work. But I sleep on my left and right side but a pillow between the legs is my best option. Hope you find something that works.

That's pregnancy for you! I don't think I've had a full night sleep in years if I'm honest 😵, since before I was pregnant with my daughter 5 years ago, you get used to it eventually lol. If it's not one thing it's another, pain, being uncomfortable, needing to pee, heartburn, being sick 🙄 all part of this journey, prepping you for being a mummy and those shouts in middle of night for them to come and sleep in your bed haha. When u was pregnant with my daughter I didn't focus on sleeping on my left, no one actually even mentioned it and she's perfectly healthy, and I'm not with this one just trying to sleep as best as I can xxxxxx

Thank you all. Maybe I’m thinking too much into it then..If it’s perfectly safe to then I would much prefer to sleep on my right x

Yep, right is fine too, I used to swap all night and my baby was perfectly healthy, as long as you don’t fall asleep on your back you are fine. Enjoy the sleep whilst you can 😀 x

I was exactly the same, I always slept on my belly, so needed to try sleeping on my sides. I got myself a pregnancy pillow, which helped loads. As for laying in your left, I start on my left, then get uncomfortable, so I’m tossing and turning al night left, right propped up. It only gets worse the further along you go x

Very much in the same boat as you. I try to sleep on my left as much as poss, but I end up where I end up - otherwise I’ll overthink it and it’ll be THAT that keeps me awake.

My partner got me a pregnancy pillow long before I even considered it. I find it helps with just finding a comfy position and I shove a smaller pillow to support my small bump when it sometimes feels needed.

You don’t have to worry about sleeping on your left until third trimester, 28 weeks.

I use a small cushion between my knees which really helps. I didn’t get on with the big pregnancy pillows at all.

Pregnancy pillow,s need to right for the individual ( square the hips), if there two narrow you compress the sacral joint (lower back) if too wide compress the pubis bone and pelvic floor. Make sure both knees are up as if one is straight and one bend you twist the spine ( not good over long period time) all off this may mimic sciatica symptoms.

Restless leg is different- body deprived of nutrients( baby wants them all. hydration is the quickest to tackle, then check you have enough magnesium for both you and baby, I found pregna care vitamin came a little short so supplemt with food.

Quick stretches- calf hamstring count, 1,2 then release, repeat 5-8 times with stimulate blood floor and release cramp and restless leg. Meditation also helps, the more you concentrate the worse it gets. Last but not least maternity massage and reflexology will help significanty. Try looking for jing maternity therapist.

The dreamgenii pillow really helps me to feel comfortable in bed. To be fair, I currently vary the positions, since NHS / Tommys say left side sleeping is only necessary after 28 weeks. But it does help you to sleep on the side, and feel supported and relaxed. Having something between my knees with knees bent means less strain on the hips etc. Hope it feels better soon xx

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