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Hair dye during pregnancy


Hi all,

I am 16 weeks pregnant. I am due to get my hair coloured next week. Is it safe? Is there anything in the hair dye I need to look out for? I am going to the hairdressers today for a patch I need to make her aware that I’m pregnant?

Thanks all x

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I was absolute fine I told the hair dresser so she knew in case but it was perfectly ok. If you have sickness then the smell might set you off mine opened the door etc for me x

I've seen somewhere to avoid ammonia. Take a photo of the ingredients list today and you can check it out before your appointment next week :)

I had low lights put in at 14weeks and all was fine, my hairdresser knew I was pregnant too and didn’t advise against, mind you she did foils so not much was in contact with my head (don’t know if that makes a difference). I wanted to try and integrate my natural colour into my home dyed lighter hair since I was getting sick of doing it and knew I’d have no time once baby was here 😂 Now that my hair has grown more I look like I’m right on trend with lighter ends 😀 x

Yes it’s fine, not like it used too be. Just need to be careful with colour that goes on your scalp as your skin and hormones, but everyone still colours their hair when pregnant x

I use organic hair dye at the hair dressers. Minimises nasty stuff going to the baby xx

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