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Natural birth or elective section due to complications?! Help!

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Hi guys, I'm currently 28 weeks pregnant and my consultants and midwives are asking me to make the decision about what I would like to do for the birth, wether I want to have an elective section or natural. I have had one previous child and the birth did not go well at all, I had planned a natural birth and I ended up getting eclampsia, leading to a seizure in the middle of labour. I don't remember any of the rest of the birth and I did manage to go naturally with the help of forceps but can't remember anything as I was so out of it due to the seizure. I came round properly about two days after the birth and missed everything. I have a few health complications now, a very small aneurysm, which means I'm only allowed to push for 30 minutes. I have spoke to the consultants about this and they have said if the baby is not out after 30 minutes of pushing then they will help me with forceps. I am terrified of it going wrong again, as it happened so quickly last time, and I worry I won't get the baby out after 30 minutes of pushing and we may end up with a emergency section and I will miss everything again! They are all being very supportive but at the end of the day it is my decision and I'm stressing out to the point I'm having panic attacks. The section scares me due to the recovery time and just how it will be. The natural birth scares me incase it goes wrong like last time. I just don't know what to do and want to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without worrying all the time! Does anyone have any advice?

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I had a c section due to complications and next time, I will elect for another one. I don’t want to go through a labour like that again - it’s your choice and I suppose each pregnancy is different. Maybe gauge it nearer the time see how you feel xx

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All I fear from the section is the recovery, how did you find it?xx

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Not too bad, I was ok after a fortnight but I know that not everyone is the same because of other factors; hygiene, weight, how quickly they heal and stuff xx

I had an elective c section and will again for my next one. My stitches recovered really quickly. Couldn't drive for 6 weeks but then i didn't want to as was home with the baby and age was born in winter.

I'd say recovering from a traumatic birth is longer than the recovery from a c section.

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I was in hospital for 3 weeks with my son, two in intensive and then home. It's the recovery I fear with the c section, how did you find it?

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I was home after 2 days. Spent the extra night due to the baby not feeding properly, nothing to do with me.

I was a bit sore but my stitches were healed within a week or so. The midwife said she was shocked at how quickly they healed up.

I'm going to go elective c for my next pregnancy aswell. I don't like not being in control and the c section was really calm and quick.

I had a vaginal easy birth- had no recovery as it was so easy on my body, but friend of mine had C-section as she had twins that were tangled up. I visited her 2 w pp and asked to show the place of the section - I could not believe - she had healed so well that there was only pink line left!

Some people just heal so well!

Elective section always better than emergency section both mine have been emergency sections and my second was horrendous I had my boy in October and I'm going for my forth op soon all because if complications from my emergency section. 5th time under anaesthetic, I would in my experience go for elective section all the way. Wish you luck in whatever you decide to do xx

Thankyou. It's the complications I worry about in going for the section. I'm so unbelievably nervous about both options I'm making myself ill. Xx

Like someone else said theyre more prepared in elective Hun xxx

You will heal better from an elective c section as oppose to an emergency one. With an emergency one, they are not allowed to prep as thoroughly as they would for an elective one and you have a bit of a slighter chance of having an infection or being put all the way under. With an elective one you will be numb, relaxed, prepared, and awake.

I think you should go with an elective one just to be more rest assured and because you feel like enjoying the moment is important to you.

However, if you choose to push just push down, listen to their instructions, and don’t stop in those contractions. When you feel a contraction coming.. start pushing. Try to avoid pushing while your contraction is already climbing to its peak. Everytime I did that I couldn’t push anymore but when I got more I tune with my body and started bearing down at the beginning, I was able to lessen the pain of the contraction while focusing on the pushing. It’s your second baby so things will most likely go a bit faster. It’s all about what you want to do. If the experience is what you want and you want a less risky time so you can enjoy it.. go with the elective birth. If you want to push just remember to stay focus and don’t give up.. get intune with your body.. get serious.. and get that baby out in 4-5 pushes. You can do it. Either way I know you’ll be fine.

I was terrified of having a c section, then told that due to complications that was how I was going to deliver. I actually had no problems with that, I just worried about an emergency one. If it’s planned you have time to prepare yourself, emotionally and physically. I was really sore for a few days after but lots of paracetamol and ibuprofen for a few days and it was over quickly.

I’ve only had the one baby so not able to make comparisons, however I’ve got friends who have had both emergency and elective c sections and they say elective ones are far easier to recover from. Personally I’d say you’re in a safer place and go for it. Please don’t risk your own health, your children need you! xxxx

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Thankyou so much, your reply has actually really helped calm me! I'm so nervous, it's more the recovery I fear from the section. My partner will have two weeks off but I just worry with coping after as i have dogs etc! I missed everything with my first born, my partner was first to hold him, the midwife was first to feed him and I didn't get to hold him until two days after he was born due to me being so out of it. Luckily it never had an effect on my bond with him, it actually went the other way where I was so over protective of him that I wouldn't let anyone hold him! I don't want to effect this baby by being so stressed and upset for the rest of this pregnancy, which I feel I will! Xx

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Kata89 in reply to Mango401

I honestly hope you make the right decision for you. I was home the next day. But most people are home within a couple of days. From the sounds of things I’d suggest going for an elective by it’s entirely yours and your partners decision. It sounds scary but it’s far from it. Mine was incredibly relaxed, from my point of view anyway. The team have time to get you prepared and talk you through what’s happening and make sure you’re ok. I don’t think that c- sections are an easy way to give birth. But they are there for a reason and if your likely to need one go for it.

I had a c section couple weeks ago due my baby being very big. I was really scared about it and I should have an elective one but my waters broke night before I supposed to go to hospital and in the end they classed it as emergency one cos they moved me earlier than I should have. I heard from other woman about their recoveries that they were long and hard to recover but mine was absolutely fine. First few days were the hardest but morphine, paracetamol and ibuprofen did help a lot and I stopped drink them 2 weeks after my c section but don't forget that every one is different.

What are you doctors suggesting? Personally if I had full eclampsia with seizure and further complications with an aneurysm I would not risk it. Apart from having serious complications yourself with eclampsia you can also have serious complications for baby.

I would not chose a section lighter ever (in fact I did not opt for one for my second delivery despite a third degree tear) but safety first. I wouldn't forgive myself if something bad happened to baby.

But That's my opinion.

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The doctors are actually saying there's no reason I can't have a natural and are pushing more for a natural.. it was more me that approached the side of section due to my worries, which is why I'm stressing so much!

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Ahh fair enough. I think it's hard one then. Maybe just sit down and discuss it again. I think in the end go with your gut instinct. I've never had a section but have friends who've had elective ones and were up and about pretty quickly, so you can never tell. You'll be limited when It.comes to driving, but dont think you do that much with a newborn anyways.

Hope you manage to come a decision, it's not easy!

If you feel you are getting really worked up about either option maybe it's a sign you have ptsd from the previous birth which is fully understandable. Bring pregnant you get pushed to the front of the queue for any counselling that might help you through this decision. Might need best to tackle it being pregnant making the birth more enjoyable because let's face it, once you've given birth the mum's are kind of forgotten about.

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I think your right, I have never dealt with it at all, and always said I was fine.. which I was until I fell pregnant and then it was the realisation of what happened and that I would have to do it all over again!

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I got really petrified about giving birth and they got me counselling which helped just to talk it through with someone. Depending how far along you are head to the gp or midwife and explain you need some help x

I’ve no experience of a natural birth but I had a section (emergency in the end but always knew it was going to happen due to placenta previa). I found it absolutely fine.

Yeah I was pretty sore, but I was on my feet the next day in hospital, I was walking very slowly and doing minimal things but within a couple of days the pain was so much better. I had my son on the Monday and I was home on the Wednesday.

Like I say I can’t compare this to a normal birth but I do think the recovery from this would be a lot quicker to heal from than a traumatic birth xxx

What is an elective c??

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