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Pregnancy cravings

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Hi all,

I am 14 1/2 weeks pregnant and I am craving icing and sweets soo bad. Cakes especially with pink icing and haribo sweets 😍😪

What are/were your cravings? Did you end up having a boy/girl?


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Why is it that we seem to crave the not so good stuff lol. I didn’t think I had a craving but looking back I’m pretty sure it was coco pops and nesquick as I couldn’t go an evening without a bowl xx

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That’s so true!! Did you have a boy or girl? X

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I had a girl xx

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Aw lovely. I am wondering if the sweet cravings are a sign...then again I’ve had no sickness. I can’t wait to find out x

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I didn’t have any sickness either. I didn’t really feel pregnant at all to be honest. Are you going to find out early or at your 20 week scan? Xx

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I don’t either 😂 well apart from the awful siatica at night 😫 We’r going to wait till the 20 week scan. Wev already paid for a private one once so gonna have to wait it out this time lol x

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Ooh not nice 😔 I had cramps at night in my calves and that was bad enough. I hope time doesn’t go too slow for you. Waiting from 12 to 20 seemed to take ages for me xx

I’m having a girl and really craving ice cream- I can’t get enough and it’s definitely too cold to be having it 😂 xx

We don’t know what we’re having but I think my biggest craving has been orange juice, I dread to think how many litres of the stuff I’ve drank 😂 oh and in the first trimester it was pizza express pizza 🙈 x

I didn’t enjoy food at all so had no cravings and had a little girl ❤️ x

I’m 15 weeks and not had any cravings...yet! And had no sickness. I don’t think we will find out what we are having. Have you gone off anything? I don’t fancy water anymore, or coffee and I changed to decaf just before we got pregnant 🤷🏻‍♀️

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The only thing I have slightly gone off is about you? X

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I’m still loving all me foods haha

I had a girl and ice cream was a big thing for me and sweet things

I have gone off everything pork, my poor husband is dying for a bacon sandwich lol. But as for cravings, haven’t really had any, it’s in stages, 1st of all scrambled egg, then jam on toast, then chocolate bar picnic x

Mines been in stages too..first off all Lemon curd on hot buttery toast, and cheese on toast, cant stand that now. Now it's hot cross buns and all sweet things for me 🍫🍡🍥🍭🍬...oh I did crave chrisp cold salad and a dressing but that lasted 2 days..if that counts 🙈🙈

Hands down ... girl girl girl girl👍👍👍

I've just turned 13 weeks and up until last week I struggled to eat anything except crumpets and cereal couldnt stand the smell of coffee or drink it and went right off chocolate and I would eat a bar a day before pregnancy. Luckily this week my appetite has started to improve and now I can't get enough of prawn cocktail skips and back eating chocolate although the coffee still makes me gag 😂 xxx

Mine were cheese, frazzles, melon and twirls. I went off chicken and drinking tea. I had a baby boy xx

I didn’t have cravings as such but did develop a sweet tooth which I never had before and still have it at 41w she needs to come soon so I can stop!

With my pregnancy I went off any kind of sugar- sweets, fruit (as it has fructose). It just made me feel want to throw up. It's a boy 🐬

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