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Opinions needed. Am I pregnant?

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I came off the pill at the beginning of December last year. My last period started 14th December and I am now 17 days late.

I feel nausea every day, loose stools, I am getting acne and I’ve dry heaved a few times now. Stomach bug maybe?

I took a Tesco pregnancy test and a clear blue pregnancy test. See attached photos.

I think I’m in denial about it.

Am I pregnant?

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You are indeed! Congratulations x

Thanks for replying Kirstyblue.

Omg! ....omg!!!!! and thank you.

I’ve booked a gp appointment for tomorrow.

Yes looks like your test are positive congratulations

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Pandapop87 in reply to 2Baby2019

Thank you 2Baby2019 :)

Yes I am pretty sure you are!

My last period was 12th Dec so we're pregnancy buddies 😊 my first indicators were mega sore boobs and lots of urinating! Have felt ok until this week when I've felt like travel sick but constantly and constipated (sorry for oversharing!)! Luckily not vommed yet. Good luck with everything!!

Yay pregnancy buddies! 🙌

Yes mine where the boobs too and I just thought it was pre period warnings.

This week has been terrible for nausea for me too.

I haven’t vommed either but I’ve dry wretched a few times now 😂

And thank you!!

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Babypud19 in reply to Pandapop87

I'm finding brushing my teeth is the worst for making me wretch!! 🤣

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Pandapop87 in reply to Babypud19

Omg! Literally me last night!


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I’ve had really sore boobs, white discharge, tender nipples, tiredness, constantly feeling sick, cramps, backache (but that may be the Hypermobility Syndrome kicking in) aswell as loose stools & diarrhea for 2 weeks. Took a few tests before I was a week late & all showed negative. I’m going to take one on Thursday as that will be 2 weeks late? I am aware that some people’s HCG don’t show at all on pregnancy tests so I’m wondering if that could be a reason too? Never late on period but literally no trace of blood since my last period (20th December 2018).

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Babypud19 in reply to alw1205

I'd say if you are having all these symptoms and you're getting negative results then see your doctor who can hopefully do a blood test. Bless you sounds like it's hitting you hard!

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alw1205 in reply to Babypud19

It sure is! I’ve now got flu like symptoms? But still no sign of period, 2 weeks late as of tomorrow but discharge every single day..

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Bobbin99 in reply to alw1205

Did u ever find out if u where pregnant I’m going through exactly the same thing just now !

I’ve read that some people’s HCG levels don’t show up also.

Yeah definitely take another test at a later date if you don’t come on.

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alw1205 in reply to Pandapop87

Yeah I read that up too, I’m going to ring up doctors in morning in the hope I can get an appointment as well as a test before that, see what that shows. If still shows negative in morning then blood test it is.

is this your first pregnancy


Yes you are

Thanks everyone who helped.

You were all right. I am indeed pregnant. Having a little boy ☺️

Only 12 weeks to go

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