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Cold feet - literally


Has anyone been struggling with cold feet? I sometimes can't sleep because my feet get so cold. Even with socks on. I have found getting up and washing them in warm water helps, but I can't be bothered until I'm really tired of being awake. I do have reynards which is poor circulation. But the cold feet thing is new during pregnancy!

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How about going to bed with a hot water bottle and rest your feet on it? I am usually a cold person and I used to do this all of the time. Since being pregnant my body temp has risen!

Alternatively what about upgrading your socks? Maybe pure wool, cashmere or alpaca (alpaca wool supposed to be anti bacterial too!). It might be a nice treat for yourself?

Hey hun,

I’m sorry tell you but cold feet is also part of Reynards along with hands etc, my mum suffers really bad with it and during pregnancy thing are moving and your body is changing so nothing new, I know my mum is on tablets for it due to getting sores on her feet cause of how cold her feet are, however I’m not sure if you can take them whilst pregnant,

I would highly recommend you go to see your GP.

They do electric feet warmers which you can plug in, try one of them maybe?

Hope this helps x

CyclingBump in reply to Unknown8

Thanks! Yes I knew you could get cold feet from reynards, I just wondered if it got worse in pregnancy for anyone? I shall definitely talk to my midwife about it at my booking appointment and see the doctor if she thinks to. I struggle with my temperature a lot, but being pregnant is definitely making it worse.

I hope your Mum is coping ok 🤞

Unknown8 in reply to CyclingBump

No worries hun,

I can’t say if it does as my mum was diagnosed a few years ago, so I can’t say if after having me and my brother it affected her, but normally in pregnancy you can get sweats and chills, so I would say more than likely hun, yeah definitely! I hope they can help as I know there’s not much on the market when it comes to reynards which is silly and doesn’t help you can’t take much whilst being pregnant either...

Aww bless you, I really hope it gets easier for you hun, I can’t imagine how stressful it is, I watch my mum getting upset about not being able get warm so I honestly can’t imagine how you feel, as you say speak to your health visitor/ GP and fingers crossed you get some solutions!

Thank you ever so much hun! Look after yourself!(+bump) congratulations btw :P xx

CyclingBump in reply to Unknown8

Aw thanks!I

In-between the nausea and temperature fluctuations I'm very excited. 😍

I hope you have had a great weekend.

Unknown8 in reply to CyclingBump

No worries!

Aww bless you, haha I can imagine! It’s all worth it though ain’t it😍

It’s been great hun hope you have too!


Hi there

I do understand your feeling! I have been suffering from cold feets most of the times and now it is on my pregnancy as well! Just wanted to tell u that accupuncture can help u alot if u can find a right one! I have some problem with blood circulation as well and the accupuncture helped me alot! However it was before my pregnancy but as she told me they have special methods for accupuncturing during the pregnancy as well! Hope it helps!

Wish u a safe and great pregnancy!xxxx

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