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Am I pregnant?

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Me and my Fiance are trying for a baby and I haven’t came on my period i am 11-12 days late. I’m getting symptoms that I am but test have either came out negative or inconclusive doctors are saying to do another one. What should I do ?

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Do another test with first morning urine. False negatives are possible so you might be pregnant still

waoh..first of all congrats if ur period is not always irregular then u absolutely are..but it'll be better u go do a pregnancy blood test in a nearby 15+4 and up till today my urine n blood test keeps showing negative but am still pregnant.its weird though but am happy my little one is ok..i had to do a transvaginal ultrasound before she could be seen...

Gd luck lucy

Teddybe it doesn’t automatically mean your pregnant if your period is late especially with negative tests it’s more likely a missed period. Lucy-park keep testing hopefully you’ll get a positive test.

Hi try clear blue test they are very accurate and you can buy ones that tell you how many weeks. Also use your first wee of the day. Good luck

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Thank you x

Any updates?

Update I’ve now take 5 test came out negative now but no sign of period going doctors this Thursday to see what they can do

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Oh sorry it’s frustrating ☹️ hopefully the dr can shed some light.

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I’m hoping they will do a scan as calculated myself to be over 6 weeks now

They might do a blood test first then depending on the result. I’m not sure if they’d do a scan possibly at the EPU x

Update I have now missed my second period

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What are the doctors saying or doing to help? X

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They told me when I missed the first one that I’m not pregnant and I will have to wait till I miss a second on to even get a blood test done and scan now I’ve missed a second I will find out tomorrow as got doctors x

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Oh good luck. I have everything crossed for you. It's so hard when they don't do anything. It's not good for you to be left in limbo. Let us know how you get on xx

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I will

Hi how did u get on did u get a positive result?

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Doctor appointment is at 5:30 so I’m gonna have to wait x

So I’ve been throwing up for the past week now and no sign of any periods

Hi how did you get on at the docs two weeks ago? Did u do any more tests

They have sent me for a internal scan a

I just got the test back and I’m pregnant

Oh that's great news! Congratulations xx

Congratulations you finally got the results you want. How are u feeling

Congratulations, So how many weeks are you? Was it from the second missed af?

Great and 11 weeks 4 days

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