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Overweight and pregnant

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My BMI is 29. And I found out I was pregnant just over a week ago now (I’m approx 6weeks) and all I can think about is how overweight I am. I haven’t been ‘eating for two’ & I've been exercising and have lost about 6lbs since New Year’s Day but I was away with friends this weekend and despite making 80% healthy choices I’ve put weight on.

I know I can’t restrict food in pregnancy and I won’t as I don’t want to harm the baby but all I can think about is how overweight I am, how uncomfortable I feel in my body & actually how bad I look. Which then makes me feel really bad as I should just feel grateful that I’m pregnant and that should be all I’m thinking about!

Anyone else felt even remotely like this?

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I felt like this when pregnant two years ago, when I was only 4 weeks gone I looked about 8 months gone.

However when my morning sickness kicked in at 6 weeks, I barely ate anything as couldn’t keep it down, ended up losing about 1 stone, and after those 8 weeks of sickness my stomach has shrunk and I couldn’t eat big meals, then joy of joy sickness returned at 30 weeks. So at the end of the pregnancy I was still the same weight as I was before!

I was lucky as fatty greasy foods gave me heartburn during entire pregnancy which helped me to stop eating that sort of food,

Although I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, bad morning sickness and heartburn actually controlled my weight a bit!

I should add my weight had no negative affects on my baby, only thing I had to do which people with a lower BMI wouldn’t (unless another medical reason why) was a glucoses test at 28 weeks (which was normal, thankfully).

No midwifes/nurses said anything about my weight, which was good as i already felt guilty for baby, without the worry of medical professionals telling me I was big!

Just keep on with the healthy choices, it’s all you can do really as you shouldn’t diet (but you know this)

You can always come to this website for support as it helped me so much when I was pregnant

Best of luck Rebecca

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Hi Rebecca, thanks for your reply! It’s so reassuring to hear the midwives didn’t mention your weight as I’m worried they’ll go on about it for me, let’s hope they don’t!

Your morning sickness sounds horrible, can’t believe it returned at 30 weeks!!! I’ve not had any cravings or been put off any foods yet but let’s hope I crave carrots and can’t stand the smell of anything that’s unhealthy :) thanks for replying xxx

Definitely I did i the beginning was sooo bloated with this pregnancy i know its easy to say but try not to think about the negative and focus on the posistive hormones are always all over the place and we get these thoughts going through our heads!! So long as you are eating healthy believe me me its not worth stressing over it might be worth chatting to midwife when you see them just to put your mind at rest (i was going through an eating disorder with my last pregnancy which made me so gulity all the time but there was support there if i wanted it )this time around im so much bigger than last time but i really dont care so long as baby is ok i know i can lose the weight if i put my mind to it within time after the baby is here

again try not to worry once you get to see or hear or feel your baby im sure you will feel different xxxx

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Hi Ally, thanks for replying. Interesting you say had we’re suffering from an eating disorder in your last pregnancy as whilst I’m not, I can definitely say after years of slimming clubs and yo-yo dieting, I’ve got disordered eating.

So you’re right in that I shouldn’t focus on it but instead focus on the positives! I think what’s the booking appt is over I’ll feel better as I’m just so nervous they’ll have lodsntonsay about my weight! Fingers crossed they don’t though!

Thanks for your reply and best of luck in your pregnancy xxx

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Im sure you'll be fine you say your bmi is 29 which is fine dont let it spoil your pregnancy xxxx

I wouldn't worry too much! Eat healthy and eat nutritious foods, don't diet as you might miss essential nutrients your baby will need... I've gained quite a lot of weight in the beginning of my pregnancy and really don't feel myself, o used to go to gym quite a lot but i barely do anything now- I was worried of a misscarriage in the early weeks and now I'm too knackered lol, but im getting used to it.... All that matters is that baby is getting what they need and that they're growing well! Weight can be sorted after the baby is here! Xxxxx

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Hi Lianna,

Thanks for your reply. Yeah I’m not dieting at all, as I’m worried about miscarriage or the baby missing out on key nutrients. Which is an odd feeling as it’s probably the first time in over 20years I’ve not been on a diet of some sort.

You’re right in that the weight can be sorted after the baby is here, I’m just worried about putting lots of weight on (my friend put on 6 stone & at 5”2 & almost 12 stone, I can’t afford to let that happen).

Thanks for your reply and good luck for the rest of your pregnancy xxx

First, congratulations :)

Second, I'm sorry you're feeling so negative about yourself. Pregnancy is obviously not the time you're going to lose weight but it is a time when you need to be kind to yourself. And having a baby might well give you motivation to get into really good habits that will be good for both of you. I don't think I've ever eaten as well as I have since getting pregnant. I'm a total chocoholic and would probably never give it up on my own account, but when my Dr told me to avoid spikes in blood sugar as it's bad for baby, chocolate and sweets were off the menu. Simple. So try and focus on eating well, cut out the crap stuff, and don't be too hard on yourself xxx

Thanks so much for your reply!

You’re right, knowing I’m now accountable for the development of this baby has made me a lot less likely to binge which was a bad habit I’d got myself into! Everyday I’m staying with a homemade green juice full of fruit & veg which is something I wouldn’t have done before as I’m just so conscious of getting enough vitamins and minerals to the baby

Great that you’ve been able to kick your chocoholic habits, well done xxxx

You're off to a great start hon. Best of luck xxx

Hey, congratulations hun!

It’s only natural to feel like this hun, we all feel huge, think about how huge we’re gonna get, but after baby is born you’ll more than likely lose weight, a lot of people do, however I’ll be honest with you, they tell you not diet for a year after giving birth. This is because of your body returning back to normal, I’m still recovering but I put that down to having an emergency c section.

Don’t listen to people saying only eat healthy only exercise, enjoy being pregnant!

Eat what you want! Don’t be afraid to have a chocolate bar! Even too, obviously don’t go overboard but enjoy it! This is one of the times where it’s okay to eat what you want, eat for the both of you! Don’t be afraid to put your legs up and watch tv, your body is changing! You are changing! You’ll become more tired and you can’t say if your going get any symptoms of pregnancy, because they will just hit you if they haven’t already, I didn’t find out I was pregnant till 4 months gone hun!! I ate what I wanted, I ate what I was craving for, and I’ve got such a healthy beautiful 13 month old daughter!

If it’s getting you down I’d recommend going to your GP or midwife and discuss this with her because obviously you want be in a good mind frame for when baby arrives, but honestly enjoy your time being pregnant! My daughter is 13 months in a couple of days, I’ve only just started dieting and I was 31.5 BMI saying I was overweight too! We get there in the end hun don’t worry but the main focus is a beautiful new baby ❤️

Hope this helps xx

Apparently slimming world have an eating healthily in pregnancy programme. Haven’t tried it myself but thought I’d mention in case you are interested.


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