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Pregnancy sleeping positions

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So, my dear Mum bought me one of those massive 12ft maternity sleeping pillows as an early birthday pressie, bless her! And I love it! But my oh my am I happy it's just me in my big bed...!! Your poor partners when you share a bed with them AND that big old pillow! Haha!! 😂🙈

I'm 16 weeks tomorrow, which is incredible! 😊 And I usually sleep on my back, so for the past few weeks have been trying to practice on my side as recommended, and it takes a bit of getting used to doesn't it! Does anyone know whether it's really important to be on your left side? As I find I get cramp in my hip, so have to swap sides. Seeing the midwife for the first proper time since booking appointment 2 months ago, on Tuesday so I have a really long list of questions for her, poor thing! Haha!

Hope everyone is feeling well wherever you are on this incredible journey. Happy Sunday all! xx

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Hello! I am 16 weeks today. Don't have a lovely pillow yet, but I have been sticking a normal one between my legs.

I have done a lot of googling into sleeping positions. Apparently not too important to begin with but as we go along and baby gets bigger then we need to try to sleep on our side. The left side is supposedly best as it's position allows for the best blood flow and nutrient flow to baby. If not, right side is good too. However we are not to panic if we wake up on our back or whatever.

In my mum's day there was never any such advice.

Good luck. I am generally a left side sleeper anyway, but it does get annoying to think I have to try to sleep that way all the time. I worry about turning too quickly to my other side so tend to wake up each time I move. The joys eh! Bit wouldn't change it for the world xx

Thanks lovey, and you're right, there was no such advice in our Mums day, so I'm sure we're doing the absolute best we can! Im feeling better now been reassured it's ok to switch between left and right side, starting to sleep a little better! And I totally agree, wouldn't change it for the world! the whole thing just amazes me each day! ☺️💖 xx

I would have to say, my pillow has been the best thing I’ve bought so far in my pregnancy. I’m 27+3 and it’s been fab. It really helps me from rolling on to my back - which I really have a habit of doing. I tend to swap sides because I find I get really uncomfortable being on just one side for too long.

Sadly, with me and growing bump, the pillow, and the cat (who sleeps on our bed), hubby has been shoved in to the spare room 😂 bless him. Xx

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Haha! Your poor hubbie! 😂🙈 bless him! I'm sure it's a better nights sleep all round though. The pillow is a god send! xx

I swapped sides whilst I was pregnant and baby was a healthy 8lb 5oz and born at 39weeks. I wouldn’t worry about right or left too much, like you my hips hurt if I stayed on one side too long so had to keep switching. Oh and I loved my 12ft pillow too! Soooooo comfy! Now I get to share my bed with an 11 week old who doesn’t like her next to me crib (I reckon it’s the silent reflux causing it, she likes to sleep right up against me) so I’m now more uncomfortable than I was in pregnancy as I only switch sides after I’ve fed her during the night 😂

Aww this gave me such a warm and fuzzy feeling! Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl xx

I have one of those pillows and cant get comfy without it, I love it. I'm a left side sleeper anyway and I snuggle to the left arm and hubby snuggles up behind me and lays on the other arm ....until insomnia kicks in then I sit in the sofa wide awake...I'm 18 weeks now xx

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chrissie_81 in reply to Ghosty1

Amazing aren't they! Oh no on the insomnia, do you think it's early preparation for life to come hehe! Eternally exhausted Mum's!! Hehe! xx

I fund that sleeping on your side comes naturally as your bump grows biger. I woke up if I rolled onto my back as my legs n hip started to be sore and numb. Bub was pressing on nerves I guess 😊

Your body knows best, don't worry just relax x

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chrissie_81 in reply to Eva79

Thank you Eva, you're right, need to just relax and trust my body. Getting there...! 😊 xx

It’s better to sleep on your left when the baby is bigger but doesn’t matter too much as long as you go to sleep on your side. If you wake up on your back don’t worry just turn back on to your side. If you keep turning on to your back in your sleep you could put a firm pillow behind you or do what people who suffer from sleep apnea do and sew a tennis ball in to the back of your pyjamas!

My baby is 18 months old now and I still sleep with my huge maternity pillow. Much to my husbands dismay!! I can't live without it!!

I started ensuring I slept mostly on my left side from about 20/25 weeks. But I would wake up and panic as I would end up somehow on my back sometimes! It happens. Don't stress, just make sure you turn back onto your side if that happens.

I invested in an eve mattress when I first found out I was pregnant and holy moly it's been amazing.

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