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Evening peeps

Just after some help if poss, I have been suffering severe insomnia since learnt I am pregnant so I have not had a decent night's sleep for 18 weeks...I'm pooped to say the least. I have tried meditating music, I have a pregnancy pillow, I have tried a hot bath with candles name it i have tried it (except tablets). I'm at my whits end, knqckered and that's before the baby arrives, trying to do a days work also is a struggle..does anyone else have any suggestions or recommendations I can get even one night sleep to recharge my batteries xx

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That's rubbish. I got insomnia straight away too. Just couldn't get back to sleep after the 3am pee!! But I have found that wearing an eye mask is helping. It's not a magic cure, but I'm getting more sleep now.

Fingers crossed it works for you too.

I had this between weeks 13 and 21 but I’m pleased to say it seems to have passed now. It’s utterly knackering isn’t it. Like you I tried everything and the only thing that started working was going to bed earlier which meant I was able to get about 4 hours sleep before insomnia kicked in.x

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