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9 weeks and 1 day

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Hi everyone! Thought I’d write on here. Struggling to manage my anxiety, keep reading online forums around missed miscarriages and can’t stop obsesssing about what If this happens to me? I’ve had a few mild cramps, which are not happening much now. No bleeding or spotting. Had nausea for around 3 weeks but now that seems to have gone (I want it back so bad!!). Boobs are heavier and nipples darker, soreness is fluctuating. I do have bloating and fatigue. I guess I kind of want more symptoms, espically nausea. Had a scan at 8 weeks which was fine, but I’m still so anxious!! Had midwife appointment today and she wasn’t that helpful, just told me to think positively. Anyone else in a similar position? Thanks in advance :-)

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Sweetie unfortunately what you are feeling is what lots of us go through. I became a serial scanner lol

At 8 weeks a lot of my symptoms went and came back a bit then went. They say as the placenta takes over the lucky ones loose some of the symptoms.

I really can’t advise how to cope other than to take each day as it comes which is no help but even now I still struggle.

Good luck everything sounds good for you xxx

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Thank you it’s just so nice to hear I’m not the only one that worries, I think I’m driving my husband mad I’m an emotional wreck a lot of the time. Trying my best to think positively. That’s nice to hear about the placenta too, maybe that’s what’s caused the nausea to subside!! I’m thinking another private scan before the 12 weeks NHS one. Thanks so much for your reply :-) xxxx

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Your welcome and most definitely normal in term of this process. Keep us up to date on your journey xxx

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Thank you! And with yours too I see you’re further along! :)

Have you thought about having another scan done privately? Just for additional peace of mind? Also, try to think positively. It's hard but we have to keep positive and send positive vibes to our little ones. Big hugs lovely xx

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Yes you’re so right, yes we’re thinking about getting the Harmony Test, so it’ll be a scan as well as blood tests for any chromosomal issues. But I do feel I need one before the next NHS one. Thanks so much for your message. With each message I’ve received I feel more and more positive so thank you, it really does make a difference. Xxx

Having had a missed misscarriage before I couldn’t settle at all or get excited at the start of my current pregnancy. I also had no symptoms at all this pregnancy and felt completely normal the only thing telling me I was pregnant was the blue lines on the test ha. I started feeling movement at 16 weeks and my stress levels completely flipped and now I am 26 weeks and love being pregnant 😊 so hopefully you don’t have long to go till you can settle too. X

That’s amazing that you’re really enjoying the experience, that’s definetly the way it should be!!! I have 2 friends that have also experienced missed miscarriages too, so that makes it more real too. Did you have any warning signs with your mm? I guess I just have to think positive and hope for the best and know whatever happens I can deal with it. Thanks so much for your message, it really helps me feel much better. All the best with your pregnancy 😍😍 not long for you to go!! Xxxx

I'm currently 11 weeks and also suffer from anxiety . Will worry about something different each week it's not nice to feel .Have my scan soon so just trying to look forward to that :)

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Oh that’s great when is your scan? What symptoms are you experiencing? It must be so nice that you’ve nearly made it to the 12 week mark 😀 Good Luck with your scan!!! Xxx

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I'm not sure yet but should get letter from hospital soon! Very tired but my nausea is getting better now. Thankyou hope everything goes well for you 😊x

Sorry you are feeling this way, it’s impossible not to worry isn’t it. I would say if you can, give yourself a break from reading posts about miscarriages as they will only increase your anxiety. Yoga and mindfulness meditation on YouTube helped me to calm my mind when it started down a negative path. Hope you can feel a bit more relaxed soon xx

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Yes you’re so right. Meditation does really help me and I might take up yoga again good idea, nausea has come back with a vengeance today, I feel like crap, hopefully I could sign 😂. Yes I will stop with all the forums, it’s not healthy. Thank you so much for your message. Wish you all the best with your pregancy 😀 xxx

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Great stuff! 😀 xx

I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you and my symptoms also eased off around that time. I know there's no point telling you not to worry, but I don't think there is anything to worry about.

Maybe try and stay off Google/forums for a while? You know people generally only post about things going wrong. When everything goes smoothly (the great majority of the time) people don't bother to post about it xxx

Get off the internet/forums etc! Well at least for the next few weeks! 🤗 I know exactly how you feel, I was a wreck for the first few weeks seeing so many stories and thinking oh that's going to happen to me- I was constantly googling misscarriage rate at X weeks and I had a missed misscarriage in 2016 so was even more negative. If it's going to happen it will happen, but honestly what is the point being absolutely petrified day in and day out and expecting something will go wrong when in fact the chances are in your favour not to! Take a break for you mental health ♥️♥️♥️ all my love and hope everything goes well with you pregnancy xxx

OMG I posted literally EXACTLY the same message on Fertility network yesterday!! I am 8+5 today and am an absolute wreck. Last week I had nausea and was being sick, my boobs were HUGE (for me) and very painful, I had bloating, all sorts of symptoms. The last three days almost everything has gone and all I am really left with is exhaustion and slightly sore boobs but I think thats due to cyclogest I am on. I also saw the midwife yesterday and she was zero help and said 'unfortunately sometimes it goes wrong and there is no way of knowing if it has or not without a scan - take each day as it comes' which was JUST what I didnt want to hear. I have had a MMC before so am neurotic about it.. and like you can't help but read online and its always bad news. I saw a heartbeat at 6+5 and thought that would make me feel better but now I've seen so many stories of it stopping after that.. I even now dream most nights that I have a scan and baby has stopped growing!!?

I am normally (honest!) a very sane, confident, capable, emotionally stable person with a great career, great life etc etc and this is really knocking me at the moment. My OH says 'what will be will be' and 'try and stay positive' and thats his 5p worth!!

Anyway rant over - just to say I could have written that all myself and I am in EXACTLY the same boat just about 2 says behind you date wise. Feel free to PM me! And hugs it really sucks xx

I was exactly the same! I didn’t have any early scans and was absolutely convinced when I went for my 12 week scan they were going to tell me it was a missed miscarriage. I felt sick the day before my scan and didn’t sleep, only to be told everything was absolutely fine! I thought the worry would ease but I was exactly the same before my other 2 scans 16 week (private to find out gender) and my 20 week scan. I’m now 22 weeks and trying to stay relaxed but it’s reallt difficult at times, so definitely know how you’re feeling. Look after yourself and wishing you all the luck for your 12 week scan and beyond xxx

I hope you feel better soon. I almost want more symptoms so I can be more sure I'm pregnant. I haven't had my first scan yet... Can't wait! Thank you for sharing 👍

Yes I feel like this everyday. I'm 8+4 and I worry every day. I have HG so feel or am being sick every day and have to take anti sickness medication to manage it and whilst I know it's a good sign it's very debilitating. I've had 3 scans already because of my worries and feel like I will never relax and I've learned to accept that I will probably feel like this throughout my pregnancy so you are definitely not alone in how you feel xxx

I was in the exact same situation! I found out at 6 weeks 5 days and booked a private scan for 7 weeks 3 days. I then waited it out for my 12 week scan. But worried all the way up to it as I too lost all symptoms... I then had another private at 16 weeks and then the usual NHS one at 20 weeks.

As soon as I started feeling my baby move, I relaxed so much! (I was lucky, I felt flutters from around 15 weeks!) I feel a real connection now (24 weeks 3 days) because I can feel her wriggling around. I don’t feel the need for anymore scans now, so unless I need to for health reasons, I’ll see her on her birthday!

I did however end up having an extra doppler moment due to reduced movements, but she’s back in full swing so must of just been resting!

I felt anxious all the time in my first trimester, I couldn’t wait to get to the 12 week mark and out of the “danger zone”. But good news is once a heartbeat is confirmed your risk of miscarriage decreases and continues to week by week so statistically the odds are hugely in your favour. This article helped to reassure me during that time: google.com/amp/s/expectings...

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