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Natural Birth vs Elective C-Section

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Good Morning everyone, i was hoping you lovely people might be able to give me some insight and advice into your experiences and opinions on natural birth vs C-Section.

I have always been terrified of natural birth and so have always had it set in my mind to have an elective C-Section as i like the ability to plan etc, but i dont know how i feel about the healing period and how long it takes to get discharged from hospital.

With natural birth i have MANY reservations such as complications that might occur, the fact that my water might break unexpectedly and my husband might not get to the hospital on time (we live in close proximity - he works about 8 miles away so not too bad) amongst other things but everyone ive spoken to has told me to avoid c-section and do natural. Now instead of being swayed either way i am smack bang in the middle.

Please help! And thank you in advance xx

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If your terrified of natural birth it's probably worth giving hypnobirthing a go. It's helped so many people who are afraid of giving birth even those who have had really traumatic first births. I would also say some things like not getting to the hospital in time are common fears but really not likely as labour tends to start quite slow and give you lots of notice (talking hours) before you need to go to the hospital. Only you can decide but maybe look at the stats for each of the things you are concerned about. Which? birth choice can give you rates of intervention for your local hospitals which is really useful.

I like to plan too but had a natural birth, bags were packed really early though 😂 funnily enough I worried about the same things (husband getting home etc) Turns out I didn’t need to (and you don’t worry about these things when they start you’re too busy focussing on contraction times etc). Mine was relatively quick for a first (5 1/2 hrs total) but at no point was I worried the baby would come in an inconvenient time. Mind you I was at home only an hour before going to hospital but I’d say trust your instinct, they told me my contractions weren’t long enough but when I rang back and said I wasn’t happy they were happy for me to come in and be assessed (never made it out of the assessment room 😂). I had gas and air and an episiotomy but was 90% recovered within a week and a half. I’d of hated a 6 week painful recovery struggling to pick up my baby but each to their own and if I’d of needed one I would of had one. I’m not trying to sway you either way. You need to do what feels right for you. Like Claireeeee said, do some research so you can feel confident picking what’s right for you, there will be good and horror stories on both sides of the fence x

I’ve had two babies and am due with my third In May I’ve only had a vaginal births. I am honestly more scared of a c-section then vaginal as surgery is frightening and complications can happen from either births my sister has only had c-sections and her first one was because the babie was in distress. Second one was planned and she didn’t heal properly and it opened up on her so honestly both can have their bad and good. I’m a go with the flow on birthing as I hate no planning things but it’s the only way not to be disappointed on how your birthing plan turns out. I had great births my first I did have a second degree tear but everything healed great and my second I didn’t tear at all

I’ve not really got any advise as I’ve only had natural births. I’ve been debating an elective c-section this time due to not wanting the pain etc... of contractions and after birth, but from everyone I’ve spoke to about c-sections I don’t think it’s sounds the better option, the after pain, from scar, muscles, trapped wind from being opened up... etc... sounds worse to me. My natural births hurt but within a couple of days I was back on my feet and completely healed within a few weeks. So not much help but I think I’ve decided more on a natural birth.

I agree that giving hypnobirthing a try is a good idea.

Good luck.

My wife really wanted a natural birth, but ended up with an emergency C Section. Anything can happen in a birth, but the chances are you and baby will be fine, so try not to worry. As some others have said, hypnobirthing is really useful to chill about the whole process.

I would say if its your first baby, a c-section can take longer to recover. My wife struggled w - (she was a real yoga health freak ) she found it hard to bend and move around, all the things that are essential when you have a newborn!

Its a personal choice, but like my wife, with birth the best laid plans can go out the window when labour starts. I'm sure whatever route you have, you'll have a healthy baby.

before you get your heart set on a C-section, you should make sure you actually have that option available to you. Hospitals are more reluctant to do them anymore for multiple reasons, not only because of the ridiculous high cost but the risks that come with it are far greater than what they once thought. not only are they fretting about infections as now antibiotics aren't working, but there's conditions such as wet lung which can have lifelong repurcussions. it should always be the last resort (if it can be helped), women overlook the fact that its a major surgery simply because its been normalised, that in itself has its own risks. your body doesn't go through the natural processes for you or the baby, no hormones are released, instead you're given artificial ones through a drip which aren't the same as the real thing(your body doesn't process them the same way), and any drugs that are administered travel through the placenta.

i don't mean to sound like im bashing, but i would highly suggest that you do some research for yourself so that you're able to make an informed decision either way.

i also second hypnobirthing, the mind is a powerful tool and if used right you can reap the benefits!

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