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Paddle/Toddle Pod

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I’m desperate to get my 6 month old to stay in bed alone for at least part of the night. I’m taking her up about half 7/8 and sitting in bed with her to keep her asleep. I’m really tempted to invest in a sleep pod, but am weary of doing so given the costs. She sleeps quite well when I put her on a bean bag (supervised) during the day. Has anyone used these? and what is your opinion of them?

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Not sure if those are ok to use as some have a SIDS risk. My friend swore by her sleepyhead, can get them second hand from eBay or fb marketplace

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Agreed, I don't think they're meant to be used after 6 or so months.

I used one when baby was very young but I think those pods are not really worth it past about 6-8 months as baby is really too big and the risk of SIDS.

Maybe it's time to get a cot bed? I started getting my baby down for naps in his cot at about 6-7 months and now he's over 10 and sleeps in there.I'm not gonna claim he sleeps through the night lol, but thats where he goes down until I'm too tired to keep going to him and I just have him in my bed.

It's actually the perfect age to start getting them used to their own bed. Good luck.

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I was looking at the 6-36 month ones. I’ve never managed to get her to go to sleep in her co-sleeper cot, only got her into it asleep between 3.5 and 5 months. She clings to me half the night most night. She wakes up now when I put her in it asleep and in a sleeping bag so she’s warm from the transition. She just won’t sleep alone, she screams when I put her down awake and leave her, even if I’m just getting myself ready for bed and still in the room in her sight. She’s been like this since birth. I don’t think a cot will help unfortunately.

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I was similar! I used to put my baby to her cot after she fell asleep on breast but she cried and screamed when she woke up ( 3-6times a night...) and she always ended up sleeping with me because I was exhausted. There was no way we could put her there her cot awake. And oh boy she can really scream. And she is such a strong willed baby. She could only fall asleep on me, in baby carrier or stroller. But recently at 10 months we finally decided to sleep train her. We do our bed time routines and put her in the cot while she’s awake and I stay there while she falls asleep. She still cries when I put her in her bed so I have to sing and pat her to calm her down but after one day she could fall asleep on her own! She still wakes up a few times a night and I have to go in and do the same. But I never ever thought it was possible for her to fall asleep on her own! I should have tried sooner.

I used a sleepyhead but my Daughter is 5 months on Friday and we stopped using it at around 4 months. I did this to purposely get her used to not being so secure for when she goes into her cot bed. I’ve also been getting her to self settle in the day which has been helping at night. When she’s getting tired I give her a comfort, pop dummy in and she’s been going off. Granted it takes longer sometimes but she has gone off without me rocking her every time. She goes down at 8, fidgets a little in the night but doesn’t wake till 7.45 or later in some instances! She’s still in her crib next to me but I’ll be putting her in her own room next month. Maybe try getting her to self sooth so you don’t have to be with her every bed time and maybe get her to nap in her cot during the day so she gets used to it. As hard as it is to hear them cry I do think perseverance pays off! Good luck xxxx

My local NCT runs a sleep workshop, you could contact them and see if there is one near you? I can’t vouch for it myself as I haven’t had my baby yet but it’s definitely on my list of “help!” resources for when the time comes x

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No but I see health visitors regularly. Most sleep tactics don’t seem to work. She’s just clingy at night.

Have you tried the sleep nanny system? Videos online and an easy to read book x

No but I’m weary of sleep strategies, don’t get me wrong I want her to sleep alone and self soothe, but many aren’t actually recommended by medical professionals and some are deemed to be dangerous. I don’t want to have a detrimental effect on my daughter.

Fair enough x

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