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Tremendously uncomfortable, morning sickness woes

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Hey guys

I’m about 6 weeks pregnant with my second child,I was over the moon with excitement until about two weeks ago I am constantly feeling nauseous 24/7. I cannot eat and the few bites I get to stomach feels like it’s floating on my chest throughout the day and whenever I drink water its like it fills up to the back of my throat,everything makes me nauseous I’m beginning to get a bit depressed, I’m not even sure I’m happy anymore i just want this to be over, if anyone have any tips to help me get over the nausea please share

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Oh poor you. I’m currently 13 weeks pregnant with twins so I feel your pain. I hated that feeling but I’ve come through the worst of it now thankfully. I was like you for the first 9 weeks. I initially found I couldn’t eat due to the nausea but actually I then discovered if I forced myself to eat even though it was the last thing I wanted, it did help. When I didn’t I vomited! I found I could only manage bland things and lived off toast, breadsticks, ginger biscuits and dry cereal. I found if I ate something small every 2-3 hours i could get through the day. I got some travel sickness wrist bands which I think helped a bit too. If you can’t keep anything down then it might be worth seeing your GP to consider some medication. It will get better at some point even though that’s hard to imagine at the moment x

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Thank you so much I just hope it would get better as soon as tomorrow, I’ll try those lil suggestion hopefully it would works x.

Hey, I’m so sorry you feel like this I’m 11 weeks 3 days and have only just started to feel slightly better, I had the same issue with water and squash just made me feel even worse as it was to sweet and sickly. I bought some lemon squash and it really really helped as was rather bitter. I was where you were and it is better now, don’t give up sending you love x

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Thank you so much really appreciate your comment I would try the squash hopefully that’ll help me as well , xx

I’m also 6 weeks and this is my third pregnancy. My severe morning sickness starts at about 4 weeks. Vomiting day and night and it is the most depressing and hardest thing to go through. I will tell you it does get easier in the 2 trimester and you will feel good again. I feel like I’ve tried everything..and have been on medication in previous pregnancy for a very short time as it didn’t help. Tips to help. Suck on ice, eat dry crackers, hot chips, try travel calm all this sorts of thing cause what doesn’t work for some might work for you. I hope you have someone that believe in how sick you are cause that also helps mentally. Good luck with you journey and I hope you start to feel better soon

I find comfort in your comments the well wishes , advice thank you so much I definitely will try the suggestions good luck on your journey as well xx

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