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Struggling to get help & worried my pregnancy could be in danger


Hi I'm new to this so bare with me! I'm a mum of 1 10 year old daughter and am about 8 weeks pregnant.

I have my 1st midwife appt in 2 days but I'm struggling. I have depression anxiety and fibromyalgia, and although stopping medication isn't recommended I did it because I don't want to risk any damage to my baby. However I am really struggling to manage my fibromyalgia and am in Constant pain and a constant state of stress- something I was sure GP would jump to help sort out considering how damaging stress can be to baby's development too. Since stopping meds I had multiple full blown panic attacks daily and through the night for well over a week after stopping medication and have seen 2 separate doctors about it- both of whom were sweet but made no attempt to actually help. They both said speak to midwife- midwife department said speak to GP.

Am I mad or is this pretty unacceptable? Everything I've read says to seek help Immediately if you have these problems, yet no professional seems to want to help- just want to pass the buck and I feel completely fobbed off.

I don't want to feel like this for the whole of this pregnancy as I'm happy to be pregnant, I'm feeling so disappointed and let down by the lack of help :(

anyone else been through this or anything similar? Im at my wits end and am expecting that when I see midwife in 2 days to just be told to see GP again. :'(

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Hi, I’m sorry to hear of what you’re going through and the lack of support you’re getting. I have depression and I’ve often found mental health care on the NHS pretty dismal sadly.

Hopefully the midwife will be helpful but if not could you consider a private consultation with a specialist (not a cheap option I realise)?

I’m taking sertraline 100mg and am currently 12 weeks pregnant. In this instance I was able to see a really helpful gp who was understanding and helped me to weigh up the pros and cons of the medication. She said she would support me with whatever decision I made. In my case I decided to continue with the medication because it’s generally considered a low risk drug (though there’s never quite as much evidence as one would like to make a truly informed choice) and I felt the risks to my baby of me being anxious and depressed were greater than the risks of the meds. I’m not at all trying to say this is what you should do but just wanted to share my experience.

Have you checked out the BUMPS website on the best use of medication in pregnancy?

I found that a useful starting point for doing my own research.

Also are you getting other forms of support like talking therapy to help you cope without the medication?

Really hope you can get some better support and advice soon. Take care xx

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