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7 weeks late period


Me and my husband are trying for a baby and I am 3 weeks late on my period. I’ve taken 4 home pregnancy tests but all come back negative.

Could these all be wrong and I am actually pregnant or is there another reason?

My period is like clockwork so when I didn’t come on when I should I knew something was wrong/different.

Any suggestions guys? Should I take another test, should I go see my doctor? What? I’m really unsure and don’t want to get my hopes up!

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I really don’t know I’m on ovia fertility app chat and it seem to happen a lot women late and negative tests

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Oo ive got that app too. Just wondering if a negative result really means it’s a negative or what? 😂 so hard to know what to do x

If it’s 3 weeks late and your periods are normally regular you need to see a doctor either way to get that checked out. Ask for a blood test, they’re more accurate. Xx


Are you using a trusted brand pregnancy test and testing first thing/pee in the morning? You can get false negatives but false positive is very unlikely. I’d advice to use a sensitive test (eg. clear blue early detection) and test first thing in the morning. If it’s still negative and you haven’t had your period make an appointment to see your GP and get a blood test. Good luck! 🤞

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