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Don’t think this is the month 😢


Sorry just want a moan...

I’m due on tomorrow and was so so hopeful to have conceived this month (not that I’m not every month but felt different this month) I’m due on tomorrow and my cycles are like clockwork... I was really hoping for my BFP but starting to feel lower back cramps... I know only tomorrow will tell..

Anyone else find it so hard to keep picking yourself up every month to have the mindset let’s try again? It’s really getting me down and I understand and appreciate that a lot of people have been trying to conceive a lot longer than me and are having or have had harder more painful experiences than me... but how do you keep yourself going? How do you keep thinking positive... all advice welcome.

I really don’t want to offend anyone by this post... just struggling to keep positive...

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It's such a disappointment every month, isn't it!! After one particularly bad month when I was convinced I was pregnant I felt like I was going mad. That's what finally pushed me to do IVF, I couldn't face going through that every month any more!!

You already have a child, I see, so the situation is a bit different, but as it's been over a year I would set myself a deadline, maybe another 3 or 6 months, and if still nothing's happened then, approach your GP for some investigations. Something might have changed with you or with your partner between then and now that's affected fertility (soooo many things can affect fertility it seems, but many of them can be resolved fairly easily!!) and it's worth looking into it a bit more.

Knowing you have a plan in place can maybe take the pressure off a little bit and you can have fun trying in the meantime :)

Best of luck hon xxx

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Thank you for your reply and understanding 😌 yeah I think your right, I don’t think it helps I had the implant in for 3 years previous to trying, I gave myself a year without trying to allow my body to return to its normal cycles which took 8 months, so maybe in the grand scheme of things maybe my body needs longer. who knows? The more I read posts on this page the more it helps me to understand my own body better too and the advice I get is greatly appreciated so thank you! Me and my partner have spoke about setting a dead line and we have said 6 months, as he has just started taking some supplements also that are supposed to help.. although it seems so long a way for me I have to remember that for my body that’s only 6 cycles... Thank you again and same to you xxx

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Have a look at the Fertility Network page on here too. There you are more likely to find people with similar experiences who may be able to help with next steps x

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Thank you, will do ☺️ Xx


You really should not give up. Lots of people try for years and decades and then out of the blue, success :) Just keep fighting to keep the positive thinking and all will be good. What helps and from my experience are natural vitamins to boost your fertility.

Have you tried any? Like ashwagandha or vitex?

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Hi so sorry for the late reply... I’ve decided on a whole new lifestyle change... clean eating, drinking plenty of water (I drink so much caffeine so cut that out 😩) I’ve not completely restricted myself of anything but everything is in more moderation and sticking to an exercise routine but nothing too crazy! Trying to give myself another focus in the meantime, but I absolutely won’t be giving up that’s for sure! I’ve been reading so many success stories on here and your so right some people wait years upon years and then it just kinda “happens” I will have a look into those Thank You! ☺️ Xx

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