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1-2 Weeks Posative Pregnancy Test but feel I have my period

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Took 3 tests yesterday two said 1-2 weeks pregnant third had a faint positive line. Went to the doctor he said it was negative then called me half hour later and said there was a faint posative. I have had a little blood overnight and today as today is when my period is due, has anyone else bled and had stomach pains? Thanks

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Hi jolly, how much blood did you lose? If it was spotting then it could be implantation bleeding. Apart from that I've know someone who had periods all though out there pregnancy and there baby was fine. I would suggest that you 're book a appointment with your gp just for piece of mind. Good luck x

Hi JollyK19 that might be normal as when I had my two children I had a little bleed overnight and it was just implantion. But better to be saw and just book at doctors they can organise a blood test to measure the HCG in your bloody as they are a lot more accurate. I hope this helps.

Hi, it might be very normal I always feel for the first few weeks craps that I would get before my period is coming or it also might be chemical pregnancy where you got positive but pregnancy is not reliable and does not progress. The best thing for you to do is to wait few days and do the test again. Good luck hopefully you will get strong positive strong in few days.

I had been bleeding I had a blood test a hug was 10 and I have to wait 3 days for another test. Has anyone else bled but still been pregnant? Thanks all

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