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Maternity Pads for After Birth

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Hi all mummies to be! 💖👶🏼

I am 32+4 weeks pregnant and staring to think about packing my hospital bag etc.

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations for good pads for mums after birth? Looking for something that will protect and isn’t full of chemicals.

Thanks in advance. 🙏🏼

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I’d highly recommend getting some Always incontenance pants (10 pack, I’d bought two packs but only went through one) instead of those flimsy maternity pants! They were well padded and I added some mothercare aloe Vera pads into them in the early days and then switched to cheap £1 a pack wilkinson’s maternity pads and just stuck them to the inside (turned out they were better than some from Sainsbury’s). Once the pants got a bit icky round the legs I’d whip the whole lot off and bin, if not I’d just change the pad. The double padding was amazing on my butt and the pants were really comfortable (so much so it was a shame to stop wearing them and change to regular black period pants once I could sit comfortably) I’d personally steer clear of the thin boots pads, you could press toilet roll to them and get blood back out of the pad, by the time you need thin pads I’d just use regular period ones. The cushiony ones are great for the first couple of weeks. As for ones without too many chemicals I’m afraid I can’t help on that front as I didn’t look for that specifically. I also bought spritz for bits, not sure how much it helped but I sprayed that into the pants every time I put a new pad on, helped me feel a bit fresher anyway. Best of luck with the birth, it wasn’t too bad in my case so not everyone has a scare story x

I just used the boots slim maternity pads. They were nice and thin, and the material was smooth so there was no risk of catching on my stiches (ouch!!). I ended up using the spares when my period returned because these were like extra soft sanitary towels.

I also bought some disposable knickers from boots but really didn't need them. Just snug fitting pants were enough to keep my towel in place.

Same story!

Plusi bought the bulky pads - they did not absorb as well as the thin ones.

I just bought boots own maternity pads. Buys lots as I didn’t have enough to even last my stay in hospital and they advised to wear two to make it longer so you don’t overflow because at the start it’s quite a lot x

Them big ass thick jumbo pads is what you use after birth or miscarriage it’s the same kind of bleeding.

I found Asda and Superdrug ones very good. They were nice and thick and padded so they didn’t rub against my stitches.

Washable maternity pads? If you don't want chemicals. I buy from a wahm The Pad Lady on Etsy but if you're on Facebook CSP & Menstrual Products for sale (something like that) would be able to help and advise you who else you can buy from.

I love my washable pads but didn't find them until after having my children so can't comment on maternity ones. Good luck!

I used Tesco ones for the first few days once back from hospital and ready to be doing washing I switched to cheeky wipes washable ones. I find them far more comfortable than disposables would have worn them straight away but had an elective c section so washing them was out of the question to start off with

I’m 3 days post birth and I’ve been using the big Kotex cotton feel pads. They’re about 90p for a 12 pack. Good coverage and lots of padding for your foof when you’re sitting 🤣. I’ve just got them on with normal granny pants (bought a pack of black cotton ones from Primark specially for the job)

I really don’t get on with any sort of pad so I used ones from Holland and Barrat that have a cotton layer. Pricey but worth it! Xx

I loved using disposable pants for the pads as laundry was the last thing on my mind once I’d given birth!! I think I used either boots own make, I would double up pads just for a little extra protection 😝 btw my sis in law told me about this but I didn’t get a chance to try it basically freeze the pads to help with everything down there!! 👌 also I used a liquid form of arnica (completely natural, it was called something like traumeel) I would add into my drinks after birth and helped me heal like 1000% quicker I swear by it 😂

Got disposable maternity pants and maternity pads for the 1st few days. Less hassle especially if you're in hospital and there's no place to put washed pants And didnt want to come home and wash grungy, blood caked pants. Used Asda brand

then switched to kotexnight time pads with period pants. Then other night time pads till bleeding stopped. They're long and absorb well.

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