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Hi everyone, new here! I’m looking for advice on trying to conceive

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Other than the try to relax and not think about it part I feel I have exhausted everything on trying to conceive... I already have a child and I got pregnant so quickly which I think is now making it more stressful for me that I want it so bad but yet it’s not happening... I came off of the implant in March 2017 and my periods have been regular since Jun 2017.... any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated... I know these things can take time... and will be all so worth the wait but I’m getting extremely impatient!

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I think it takes a while for your hormones to fully regulate after the implant, I only had it in for 6 months and it took me another 6 to conceive after taking it out. I found the ovulation test strips were great for me, we conceived the first month of using them, as my apps calculations had been a bit off, and it was only a pound for a pack of five. Good luck. X

Do you do opk to see if your ovulating? Maybe your not could try to get a progesterone test you’ve nearly been trying a year they might make u wait abit longer as sometimes it does take a while for bc to leave the system but seeing a dr after a year can start the ball rolling. Your prob doing all you should be try prenatal for both of you.

Hey there,

I tried for 5 years after the birth of my son to get pregnant but to no avail. I actually gave up trying entirely since I was 42 years old and my doctor said my chances were minimal at best. My husband and I bought a new house, new cars, and carried on with life. I bought an entire gum for my new huge basement and was working out daily for at least 6 months when one day I just couldn't get on the elliptical because I was so weak. Turned out I was pregnant and I just gave birth to a perfectly healthy baby girl. My doctor attributes it to the exercise since it increases blood flow to the pelvic region (among others!!). Chances of pregnancy at my age were not good plus I had fertility issues for years, but exercise worked a miracle in my case!

I had been trying for several months and this one has done the trick. I changed two things (but not sure which one helped most):

1. I made sure I kept a water bottle with me and had at least 2+ litres a day as I read that keeping well hydrated helps to produce more healthy ova.

2. Used a pregnancy friendly lube which is supposed to prolong sperm viability and motility. I used Conceive Plus.


Hi thank you everyone! I use ovulation sticks and I know when I ovulate... I take prenatal vitamins but I’ll definitely get my partner on them too... I’ll be trying all of your advice...

It’s just so frustrating isn’t it ?!

I’m due on in 6 days so should I not be this month then I will absolutely get checked in with my doctor...

thanks again!

Maybe doing the opk this can help you over the next few month pin point your ovulation day or (window) for that day! It’s tough I know and very stressful

It’s hard to give any advice I’ve conceived 5 times and couldn’t tell you any magic secret your body does the work. Does anything actually help? I took supplements exercised ate healthy drink water pomegranate juice, caster oil packs.

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