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Is it normal.. I’m scared!?

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I’m new & scared! Background - I have been TTC for 12 years. 1 miscarriage about 4 years ago and a failed round of IVF June 2018.

On 30th December I found out I was pregnant naturally 😱. For 2/3 days I had all the symptoms boobs massively heavy, morning sickness & lots of wees.

This morning I woke up and it’s all gone, no signs at all 😭

I have PCOS so my periods have always been irregular but I think I’ve worked out I should be 5 weeks pregnant.

I know I should stay positive but is hard I’m terrified!


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I think it’s totally natural to be scared, I’m nearly 23 weeks pregnant with an IVF pregnancy and absolutely terrified of something going wrong.

As for symptoms, everyone is different some people don’t get any at all and with it still being early your hormones are still rising xx

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Hi E_05,

Thank you! It’s such and exciting & terrifying time!

Having to wait 12 weeks for a scan is so nervracking as well!

Hopefully the loss of my symptoms is just by body changing.

Keeping everything crossed for you!


It’s normal to be worried and normal to feel symptoms or not... I had sore boobs from about 4/5 weeks and sickness from 8weeks. All my symptoms stopped at 9weeks. Then started again with a vengeance just after 10 weeks. I’m now 12w5days. Sickness is worse than ever... but it’s normal to have your good days and bad with symptoms. You could always call your doctors and ask them to refer you to your early pregnancy unit at around 6-8weeks for a check up. No point before then as they wouldn’t be able to see anything on a scan.

Good luck. X

Thank you JNDuce12-13!

Best of luck with your pregnancy.

I think I’m going to book a private scan x

It will put your mind at rest. Don’t go too early for a private scan, I went for one at 5 weeks and they only saw an empty gestational sac, which worries me even more, a scan at 6 weeks showed the gestational sac and yolk sac, still no baby, went back at 8weeks where they finally saw the foetal pole and heart beat. It was the longest 3 weeks I’d ever had. X

Oh gosh I bet! I’ll prob go private at 6 & 8 weeks just to keep me less stressed but I will also try and keep positive if it’s just a sac xx

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I had a scan at 6+4 and saw a heartbeat - if you booked a scan for around 7 weeks you may end up only needing to pay for one x

I had a heart at 6+3 x

Hey, I am 28 weeks and I remember at about 8/9 weeks of my pregnancy I lost all symptoms I was having and very much stopped feeling pregnant. I went on to have a normal and healthy scan at 12 weeks and a healthy pregnancy so far! Bodies are different and its not uncommon to lose the feeling of symptoms, I was very nervous but I tried to stay calm.

Good luck! I hope everything goes well its still very early on there's plenty of time to get all those symptoms back :) xx

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