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Child’s aggressive behaviour

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Hi All. Firstly a very happy new year. I am writing about a serious problem that I am facing with my LO who is a 20months boy. He got into a habit of hitting me (his mom) about 3-4 months ago. No matter how politely I explain to him, he still hits/ slaps/ harms me. In fact the more I stop him, the more he does it. If I shout out loud, he cries but still hits. His behaviour is getting more and more aggressive and I do not know how to change this. My husband agrees with me but he is very bad at telling off so that doesn’t help too. I really need some parenting advice here as this is really depressing me. I know he is only a kid but I am now losing it. Any suggestions??


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Time out worked for me, I just put him in his room and let him scream the place down.

When he’d calmed down I’d explain to him why it’s wrong and that he must say sorry.

My son is incredibly well behaved now and has just turned 6 x

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Thanks. When did you first give your son a time out? Do you think 20 months boy is too young? I can see that he understands everything that I say but he still does it.

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Not at all too young. After 18 months I think is fine - do you have a baby camera? I do, I watched him on it and when he gave up I’d go in xx

I agree to the above also if you can ignoring it has also worked for me at this age they are testing boundaries and i read recently that they are trying to express themselves where they cant necessarily say what they are feeling so they take it out on the ones closest because they know you love them its just their way which is hard not to take personally but ive found ignoring then distraction onto something else has worked for me ! Hope you find a solution soon xxxx

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Thanks. I tried ignoring that up until now but I really see a big difference in his attitude towards me and my hubby. He always wants dad and all he does when he comes to me is hit me. He has slapped me really hard few times and that’s when I decided something needs to be done.

You raise your voice not shout and say NO! If he keeps doing it put him behind a gated room tell him why give him a couple of minutes to cry it out then tell him again why hug it out. 20 mths not too soon theyre super clever can test you to your limits and push all your buttons.

Try not to retaliate with aggression cuz my nephew was the same I just tried when I’m talking to him I got down to his level spoke to him calmly and let him know that what he is doing is wrong and that worked and when it failed just to time out and when he’s done throwing a tantrum talk to him and asked if he’s ready to listen to mommy and again explain that it is wrong to be hitting.

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