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Happy new year!

Just wanted to wish a Happy New Year to everyone and can’t wait to see some birth announcements soon!

I know a few ladies from the fertility forum are due their babies next year (soon to be this year! How exciting). This is my little frostie who is now 10 months so soon we will be planning her first birthday. We had an amazing Christmas which we never thought would ever happen. I’m due to return to work on the 8th Jan so enjoying every last minute with her until then xx

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This gives me hope with my frosty thank you for posting xx

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Good luck for when you try with your little frostie xx

Awww what a cutie! Glad you had a lovely Christmas as a family. Happy New Year to you xx

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Thank you. Good luck for the imminent birth xx

She’s absolutely stunning!! Happy new year hun xx

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Aw thank you xx

Gorgeous photo! Happy new year to you all xx

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Thank you! I hope time flies for you and you will soon see your little one. You are officially due this year 🎉 xx

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Thank you, I know 😬 definitely wishing the year away lol xx

She is gorgeous x

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Thank you. Won’t be long til your little one is here xx

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I know, can’t believe 9 weeks Friday 😬😍 x

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Aw hope baby doesn’t keep you waiting too long. My little madam was nearly two weeks late xx

Your baby is beautiful. Happy new year to you all. Enjoy the remaining time before you resume for work.

Hi aww she is adorable. She must be your life and soul. Im sure your daughter will have a fab 1st birthday. How is work now that you are back? HVe you returned on a part time basis or full time? X

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Aw thank you. I’ve returned on a part time basis. Luckily my work is quite flexible so I’m doing two 9.5 hour days. I miss her so much and wish we could afford for me to be off but I guess it’s good for her to mix with other adults and babies at nursery xx

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