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4 weeks to go :) :) till i meet my prince but got bad pelvic pain

i have just 4 weeks left and i get to meet my little prince.... the thing that is worrying me is i keep getting really bad pelvic pain.... from what i have been reading is it just my boy getting into the correct position but he is breach and i cant remember having this much pain with my first one baby.... ive got midwife on Thursday but i just wanted to know if any one else has had this or could it be where he is breach...... sometimes the pain gets that bad i find it hard to walk or sleep the only way i can get comfortable is if i lean on a hard side and let my belly hang down sounds a bit strange but it does work lol

hope you all had a lovely christmas and have a great new year xxx

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4 weeks for me too! I havent suffered pelvic pain yet but read about lots of women having it so it says its normal.

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