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When did you start counting kicks?


Evening everyone,

I’m currently 22 weeks and baby’s movements are definitely getting stronger and more regular in the afternoon/evening. After going through so much to get here, I guess I just want to get myself prepared. I know I’ve still got a few weeks yet but I’m wondering when you started counting your baby’s kicks? I’ve read online and some say 24 weeks others 28 so I’m a little confused.

Any advice would be very welcomed x

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I read you shouldn’t count them but be aware of what’s normal for you 🤷‍♀️ (And that you should feel them every couple of hours at least) So that’s what I did, I got pretty good at knowing when bubs would most likely be moving, she loved dinner time 😂 x

E_05 in reply to Lovefood1984

Thank you, do you remember when you started noticing they were every few hrs? I seem to have a really quiet time in the morning then from mid afternoon movements are more regular x

Lovefood1984 in reply to E_05

I think by about 28weeks I’d figured out the pattern pretty much. Mine was quiet in the morning too until about 10 o’clock but went mental between 7 and 8pm 😀 and then quieter again by bedtime x

Mine was very active on my waking and when I went to bed in the evening. Each baby is so different... There were few quiet days... Once pregnancy progressed further on - he was what felt "rolling" a lot. My sister in law hardly ever felt her baby move - and she has a very quiet little girl. My boy is very energetic child - does not stop...

Best of luck tounderstand what's normal for you!

Once I was concerned and went to pop-in clinic- where the lovely midwives erased my concerns straight away!


I asked my midwife this and she said not to worry about her having a routine until 28 weeks even then I wouldn’t say she had a particular routine xx

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Thank you, I knew once movement started it would bring a whole new worry even though it is the most amazing feeling. Hope you and your little girl are well xx

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I always thought movement would make me feel less anxious but it really didn’t especially as she seemed quite random lol.

We are good thank you. Very tired after a 5 day Christmas with all the family visiting 😴 x

I find it difficult to count the kicks as baby seems to know when I do it and then stops. Then a while later will be kicking away, just get used too the movements. To start of with I was getting like a few in a day, now I’m 30+3 getting movements nearly every day, some are nearly all day on and off, then I get other days where might just get movement in the evening x

I just had my 25 week antenatal this morning (I'm 25+3) and the midwife told me I should be aware from NOW if the baby moves less/isn't moving in his regular pattern (eg. in my case during meal times, TV watching after dinner and a good little dance session about 3pm normally)

She said if I think he's been especially quiet, lie on my left, still and quiet after a big glass of cold water and concentrate. If the movement is noticeably less/absent call triage immediately, NOT the next day.

Mind you, I was reading yesterday on a forum some posts from ladies also 25+ 3 and they were saying their babies have busy days and quiet days and they didn't seem to worry at all (mainly American posters out of interest, wonder if they're told 28 weeks?)

I'm going to listen to my midwife though anyway and mentally note movement from now)

So as a previous poster said, don't count kicks, just notice when those spells of activity often are, and if one day they're lighter, fewer or missing, then call triage.

Good luck with your pregnancy (AKA 9 months of growing a baby while constantly worrying!) Xx

E_05 in reply to AJBee

Thank you, I’m already starting to take notice of movements and when they happen. It’s really re assuring to know to concentrate on movements rather than kicks. Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well x

Don’t worry about counting them as such, it’s more about what is noticing is normal for you. So times of the day baby is more active etc my midwife reminded me about this at my 28 week appt but when I once had some issues at 20 weeks the dr said anytime you are concerned go in x

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