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Baby poo advice

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Evening all. Looking for a bit of advice. Baby boy is 3 months today and was switched to completely formula 3 days ago as i just could not give him enough of what he needed (he still has a couple of oz breast milk per day or whatever I can get out) since switching his poos have been yellow and sour smelling some almost quite vinegary and others like Greek yoghurt. He does also have a bit of a cold from me and think he might be teething of hands in mouth dribbling and restlessness. Are these poos just his body getting use to the change or do I need to take him in to see someone sooner rather than later. Sorry if a bit graphic first time mum here constantly questioning/doubting!

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I think this is normal formula feed baby’s poo really smells at lot worse compared to breastfeed baby’s and I’m sure the colour should be a mustard like colour maybe slightly green as he gets used to the change of milk. But it’s made how much worse the smell is xx

Yeah this sounds normal

They are definately thicker, smellier and a different shade of yellow than breastfed poos 😊 Our little one has ones that are like thick korma x

This sounds quite normal. I formula feed and we got all sorts at the beginning x

Thank you all so much. What a relief. Although slightly weird I miss his sweet almondy poops! 😂 x

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