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I feel like I’m not being listened too.. 21weeks pregnant

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I went to the doctors where they told me I have a chest infection gave me antibiotics and sent me on my way, I went back to work and was sent home for vomiting, I couldn’t stop being sick couldn’t keep water down went light headed dizzy, faint and kept having pulpitations. I went to my urgent care centre they provide me with anti sickness medication because I was dehydrated with ketones +++ which she said if I don’t keep anything down I’d need to be admitted for Ivi I’ve managed to eat but I still feel no better then what I did, I still gag after everything I eat I just can’t now bring it up I feel drained

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So sorry you feel no ones listening, it’s horrible feeling that rough even when it is for a good reason. Could you speak to your midwife and ask for her opinion? X

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I went up to triage as I haven’t felt baby move much today they said everything is fine with baby so nothing is concerning them and sent me home, got a doctors appointment tomorrow and I think I’m gonna demand a blood year I feel so Ill being told I have a chest infection to no u don’t and then having high ketones n them not doing anything makes me feel like I’m being thobbed off and feel like a prat

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