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Will my 2nd twin be okay?

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Hi just want some advice please. I went for a scan at 6 weeks and there were 2 sacs, the lady said it could be twins or it could be one baby and a cyst or blood clot?.. I went back at 8 weeks and I was having twins! Both babies had grown just 2 days apart. I went for a 10 weeks scan for reassurance as I've had a missed miscarriage last year, she said there was only one heartbeat of the smaller baby? I'm heartbroken about this but glad that atleast one is ok. I'm so worried about the one with a heartbeat do you think everything will be ok? Tia

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What a roller coaster for you. I guess everyone is so different that nobody can say 100% that everything is going to be ok. What I can say though is that I have seen lots of ladies on here have similar and everything goes on to be fine with the little one they have seen. Apparently lots of people start with twins naturally, they just never know as during a non ivf cycle we just don't get monitored as much.

Perhaps for extra reassurance you could book another scan for 8 weeks?

Big hugs xx

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I went for a scan at 6 weeks to see how far I was, had another at 8 weeks to confirm it was twins and another at 10 weeks to see one had no heartbeat. Going off my dates from the 8 week scan I should be 11 weeks today but that is going off my bigger baby that now has no heartbeat. My other had a strong heartbeat but wasn't measuring as it should of been it was a few days behind. Is this normal? Would you go for another today as my mum has booked one in for reassurance. Or would you want for the 12 week one on the 7th Jan? Thanks for your reply by the way xx

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It's really how you would feel waiting....

I guess you could ask yourself.... Is there anything you could actually do to change things? ...no

Will it worry you still or even more if you don't get any new info..? Has enough time passed since your last scan that they'll actually be able to tell you new info?

12 weeks will show you a lot more than 10 weeks so if you can you might be best to wait. At that point you will get definite answers

Try and kickback and enjoy the new year and your baby with a heartbeat xxx

If they are about two days behind maybe baby wasn’t big enough to detect a heart beat when do you go for another scan honestly a lot of times a heart beat is a hit and miss with detecting early on in pregnancy

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Generally I’d agree and if this was a 6 week scan that could definitely be the case.

At 10 weeks there should definitely be a heart beat seen though.

Hi, we have been in similar situation so I know how you feel, first you are happy and terrified of the thought of 2 babies, then the news that one might not be ok and the worry whether this will effect the heathy one. Unfortunately there isn’t a simple confirmation if everything will work out either way, however all the research I did where we were at the similar place as you ( via google) confirm that it can be common to start pregnancy with 2 babies and one doesn’t develop as it should and is being absorb by your body. In most circumstances women don’t even know as if you don’t get early scam by 12 weeks you would only seen one heathy baby. The other thing I have find out is that if the babies are in 2 separate sacs the chances that one will be ok are much higher. You are at 10 weeks and the baby has a heartbeat so I would say this is very good sign, I know it is easier said then done but try to not worry to much and hopefully your 12 weeks scan will confirm that everything is ok.

Thanks for your replies, from the 8week scan I should actually be 11 weeks today but that is going off the bigger baby that now has no heartbeat. My mum has booked me another scan for today for reassurance that my other is still ok. I can't help but worry. My 12 week scan is on the 7th of Jan, would you go for the one today or just wait? The lady said it's not dangerous to have scans but I've read it can be and others say it's not? Xx

Hi, the scans are not dangerous and it is absolutely up to you whether you want to have one today or wait. The thing is that the scan won’t change anything if something will go wrong even if you know is happening it won’t change anything. At our 2nd MC we had multiple scans and I have learned from this experience that next time we won’t do that and only have one at 9 weeks and wait for a 12 week scan, as for us knowing we could have had twins was even harder as it felt that we lost that pregnancy twice, but as I said everyone is different so do what you think is right for you, as the scan won’t hurt the baby. Let me know how it went and I will keep you in my prayers for a healthy pregnancy.

Thankyou, I went for the scan and my baby was kicking about it made me feel so relieved! It's ashame about it's twin but I have to be positive for this one now! Xx

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