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I'm confused

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On December 16th and 17th my boyfriend and I had intercourse without protection, he nutted in me 3 times within the two days. I was due to start my period on the 22nd. I am now five days late. I took a pregnancy test on Christmas and there was a faint line for positive. However I then took a cheap test the next day, came back negative. So I then bought two clear blue tests. They both came back negative. I have sore breasts, urinating more than usual, moody and emotional. Could I be pregnant or could it be stress.

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Or is it too early to detect hcg?

It could be to early to tell what brand was the one that came out positive I know with this pregnancy clear blue never become positive until I was further along in my pregnancy I took first response early testing to get my positive the rest only showed I was pregnant 4 weeks after the first response did

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The one I took with the faint line was Rexall. And thank you for that, I'm anxious trying to figure out if I am or not. I always have a regular period that lasts 3 days, and I haven't spotted either. I'm having discharge which I've never had unless I got a yeast infection. So these little things even though it's only going on barely a week after I'm seeing changes in the foods i want to eat or how much i eat. Even the taste of tooth paste makes me want to vomit. Lol

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I would buy another test try the first response early testing and see what happens from there

You can always make a GP appointment to get a test done.

In personal experience I had extremely regular periods and was able to detect HCG when only one day late, but I know its not the case for everyone, all bodies are different and the hormone level will be too at the start.

All tests are required to be sensitive by law, price really makes little difference, perhaps wait a few days and take another one.

Without trying to get hopes up, false negatives are more likely than false positives.

Let us know how you get on and good luck!

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