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Has anyone had a scan as early as 8 weeks


I've been sent my scan date for 8th January, I will only be 8 weeks 4days. I'm not sure if I'm being offered the scan so early because of my age (I'm 41, although 2 pregnancy) or because I had a miscarriage before my son was born. I know it can be anywhere from 8-14 weeks, but I'm not heard of anyone having the scan that early

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I did! As a result of an ivf pregnancy they scan at 8 weeks. It definitely helped reassure me. Clearly saw the little bean with a nice strong heatbeat.

Good luck x


Yes in IVF they scan 6-8 weeks but in your case if higher risk pregnancy then I do believe they offer a scan 8/9 weeks

Don't be alarmed (be grateful theyve even offered it!) As they are looking after you appropriately

At 6 weeks it's a heartbeat and a sac

At 12 weeks it's an almost fully formed foetus so hopefully you'll get some nice reassuring scan pics

Best of luck x

LCEIreland in reply to Saya85

Thanks thought it would more likely be because of my age, don’t like the way they label us like that. I had my son at 38 and it was an easy straight forward pregnancy x

Saya85 in reply to LCEIreland

I have the opposite issue

I'm "young" and so have nothing to worry about regardless of my long list of medical conditions and complications

I would be snapping their hand off if they offered me an early scan

I'm considering having one in between 6-12 weeks privately just for reassurance

I think it's probably combination of your age and previous miscarriage

But usually it's just whatevers protocol

They can't always allow for individual changes and easier to blanket roll policies across board where there's general issues in certain health groups or demographics

You're very lucky to have had straight forward pregnancy and I hope this is just the same 😌

Hi, I had early scan due to having misscarriages before and my age, 38. Don’t worry at all; as Saya said it’s nice of them offering this to take good care of you and the baby xx

I had one at 8 weeks as I’d had two miscarriages, I was 8 weeks 5 days.

Then when I had my booking appointment with the midwife she booked me a 12 week scan and my 20 week scan.

You’ll see something that slightly resembles a baby, like you can see it’s got a head but no limbs really yet. It’s a bit blob like really!

Good luck. X

LCEIreland in reply to Binky1983

I had an early scan with my son but that was because we had a miscarriage earlier in the year and they asked if we wanted one to reassure us, it was nothing to do with my age at that point

I had a scan at 6+4 due to it being an IVF pregnancy. Perhaps it’s due to having a miscarriage, good luck x

I asked my gp to ask the EPU for and early scan between 8-9w as I had 2 mc gp said yes it was fine and I was to ring nearer the time when I rang EPU they weren’t they happy to as it’s not there usually protocol. But I got one and it wasn’t great news still have to go back in 2w. Maybe it is your age 🤷🏻‍♀️


I had a scan at 5 weeks right up until 35 weeks when I had my twins xx

Although my early scans were due to losses previously and so many were due to having twins x

I did ivf and had a scan at 6 weeks (to check it was in the right place). I was so nervous not to see anything but there was definitely something there, in the right place, with a flickering white light (heart). I then had another at 8 weeks and saw a more baby shaped like blob.

It's wonderful to see your wee bean and as others have said, gives reassurance up to the 12 week scan.


I had an early scan and was dated 7w 3d. Baby looked like a little robin and we could see the heart flickering!

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