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week 14 scan - low amniotic fluid and aspirin

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Hi all,I had a private scan at week 14 and the gynechologyst saw the baby has low amniotic fluid and is a bit compressed. He said it is fine for now but that could bring problems in the second term and has recommended the intake of aspirin.

I called my midwives and they said that week 14 is too early and that as I am 35 years old they don’t recommend it, but they also said they could not comment on the scan as they are not trained for that.

I don’t understand why they won’t just ask a trained consultant and rather just tell me to wait 6 weeks. My private gynechologist said aspirin now can prevent worse problems and week 20 can be late to do anything about it.

Can you please advise? Thanks so much and have a wonderful Xmas everyone


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Hi sorry I don’t know the answer but wanted to wish you well. I know lots of ladies have aspirin I do I’m 43.

I would maybe call midwife back and ask to speak to consultant. I’m sure you won’t settle until you get more advice.

Big hugs xxx

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Thanks so much, I didn't know this was an option. Will def do that, I really wanted a consultant advice. Thanks!!

Hi haven’t got advice but my friend who lost her baby at 22 weeks is now pregnant again and taking what they call baby aspirin for this pregnancy and she’s been on them since week 13 too. Xx

I haven’t got any experience in your situation but I’ve been taking baby aspirin (75mg) from CD1 and I’m now 21 weeks pregnant my consultant told me to to continue taking it throughout. You don’t need it to be prescribed you can just buy it from the chemist x

Did they explain to you how aspirin would help the low amniotic fluid?

I have to be on Aspirin due to a heart condition, but they wouldn’t let me have it before 12 weeks. It’s the ‘baby’ one, so not a high dose but means it thins my blood which in turn helps prevent pre-eclampsia. I have to stop taking it at 36 weeks due to the blood otherwise being very thin for both, which in itself can be risky during birth...

I’d ask the private gynaecologist what the advantages of Aspirin would be. And then maybe see your GP to discuss if he midwife can’t gelp?

Also, did the private gynaecologist suggest more tests etc privately? Just a word of caution as we had a private 20 week scan and they found abnormalities that really worries us (trisomy 13.18 and 21...) and suggested further expensive investigations. We went back to our NHS consultant who ordered extra tests and whilst they saw something that was slightly out of the normal range, they determined it was not worth getting stressed out about Trisomy disorders, possibly cystic fibrosis. Our son is now 5 and completely healthy and we felt that the private gynaecologist was trying to get more money out of us...

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Thanks LucyJJ. The Dr explained that this could be a sign of the placenta not working at 100%. The aspirin should make your blood thinner and help the blood flow so the placenta works better. I guess this is all very similar to your case, to prevent pre-eclamsia.

In my case the Dr didn't suggest any other tests, only to have again with him the next scan at 20 weeks. I'll keep an eye on this, it's great advise indeed, you never know with the private care...

Thanks so much again, and congrats on your son, I am so glad it all worked fine for you!


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