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I'm 35 weeks pregnant and they discovered mild polyhydroaminos at 31 weeks+6 and large for gestational age baby.... measuring 3 weeks ahead!!

The AFI was 27.5cm at diagnosis but we had another scan on Tuesday and it's increased to 35cm within 2 and a half weeks.

Baby still measuring large.

All test results are normal, they have repeated my GTT yesterday but it was normal at 28 weeks.

Has any got any advice or experience? We're you induced due to this? C-section? If so when?

They want to admit me from 36 weeks till I have the baby.

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Hiya. I was under consultant care when due to my baby measuring on the small side. So underwent extra scans. During which it was discovered I also had polyhydroaminos. I was induced in the end on due date and had baby following morning. Baby was not as small as my first ( must just make small babies) but perfectly healthy.

Like u had to repeat the dreaded gtt and various other blood tests were done all came back negative

Please try not to worry. On plus s8de u get to see more of your baby and they are keeping eye on you which is good so you are been taken care of. X

Ps my last scan showed baby weight 6.13lbs @ 38 weeks but she was not 6.4oz so their measurements r just estimates I wouldn't dwell on it too much.

Wishing u all the very best for good delivery and healthy baby xxx

Also my sis in law had extra scans and told baby small throughout Nd ended up with 8lbs chunkster !

Bless her the bodysuits she had packed for hospital wouldn't fit as she ws prepared for a dot! Luckily she had a 0 to 3 which just about fit baby lol

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