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Could I be pregnant

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So I had an unplanned pregnancy followed by a miscarriage, so I got an iud (a form of birth control) but it caused a lot of unusual pain so the hospital removed it. I’ve had sex since it has been removed I used a condom but it broke. When I had my iud I bleed for three months straight and now I haven’t bleed at all I’m kinda worried about if I’m pregnant or if my body’s just not used to not having an iud someone help

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Better do a test - my understanding is that you can get pregnant the next cycle when you take the IUD out. Not like on the pill where the cycle may need to adjust.

Having said that, you might not have had sex exactly around ovulation and nothing happened. But I would get a pregnancy test to be sure

How long has it bee since LMP? Have you tested?

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I haven’t taken a test because there wasn’t really any symptoms until a few days ago I started throwing up and getting a shooting type of pain in my lower right abdomen I’ve also noticed I’ve gained a little bit more weight in my lower abdomen (not enough to be extremely noticeable) but I noticed it

My period hasn’t been normal for 4 months cause of my iud it made me bleed conctently for 3 months and since it has been taken out I haven’t bled at all

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