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Need a moan... 30 weeks


I feel so lucky to be pregnant... But I'm not enjoying it at all.

Still vomiting at 28 weeks, now it's the acid reflux instead.

I love my bump and don't have any stretch marks on my tummy... But my boobs look scarred from going up four cup sizes in five weeks earlier in my pregnancy. My thighs are massive and rubbing together a lot when I walk which I've never had to this extent before.

My husband and I are usually intimate regularly, and although he is very complimentary and supportive and we are still affectionate... This is the longest we have ever gone without sex and I feel like it's so awkward with a bump but still have the desire.

I feel ugly.

Socialising this time of year is a lot boozier than I realised and the last place I want to be is in a busy pubs full of drunk/tipsy people.

I've missed so many social events due to fatigue or sickness.

Work haven't been supportive at all and have only just changed my shifts from 12hr to 10 and 8 hour shifts.

People commenting on my size is really getting to me. One minute someone says im tiny and the next someone calls me fatty.

I want to cry. I'm exhausted and baby constantly kicking over night so sleep is miserable. Trying not to nap in the day as it's not possible when I have work.

There's so much to do in my house but I can't do it! I can't bend or lift so can't help.

I need to drive as I passed my test in October but have only just got insurance but our car is shit and it scares me.

I feel like such an ugly failure.

Just needed a moan.

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I’ve just hit 30 weeks and I feel the same!! I’ve been in hospital since Oct 16th 3.5hrs from home and I’m starting to get a bit “I can’t wait for this to be done” with is horrendous but I don’t want the baby to come early in the slightest which then makes me feel super guilty!

Just keep having to remember the end goal - at home, with a little screaming munchkin who’ll bring us some giggles and tears no doubt! 🙈

Def think having a rough sleep completely reeks havoc with our bodies and mind! Could you maybe try get a couple days off to just chill and have some time yourself? Xx

I’m 29 weeks this week and I’m starting to really struggle at home with housework, everything takes it out of me now. I get exhausted just walking up and down the stairs. Picking things up off the floor is a no no, my husband is amazing but won’t do it straight away, like I would do. I’m starting to get restless leg in the night and moving positions is such an effect . I absolutely love being pregnant, I have had quite easy, but just struggling now.

I don’t know if you have had this in your pregnancy, but my down below feels like it’s swollen and sore. x

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I feel the same down below!

Ah housework is more of an added bonus or a treat at the moment lol! I can't pick anything up. I'm so grateful to be pregnant but not enjoying it's limitations at all.

Hope you feel comfortable soon! Bad as it sounds, nice to know I'm not alone with being frustrated with some parts of pregnancy, thanks for replying xx

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What do you do or use on your down below? I have tried, sudo cream, Vaseline, e45, but nothing works. My midwife said I haven’t got the symptoms for thrush, but with the extra blood flow, will cause swelling, itching tender. It’s so annoying, so some days it’s better than others, then all of a sudden, bang it’s back. x

2 mc possible 3rd Id trade with all of you in a second!

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Oww I'm so sorry to hear that. My last pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I hope everything is ok x

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Not sure yet, mind I’d love some big boobs mine are teeny

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