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Slap cheek

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I’m a primary teacher and last night found out a child in our school has slap cheek. School informed me so I rang doctors straight away they couldn’t give me any advise so was told to ring the midwife hub- no answer. So I rang the midwife advise line. There advise was that it’s just a blood test from the doctors and the doctors should be telling me this then if I’m immune I can go back.

Rang doctors back and they refused saying they can’t just do blood tests and need it to come from my midwife however can’t get hold of my midwife!

Going to try again this morning.

Just wanted to know if other teachers have stayed off until they have been tested? School have a tendency to be funny over these things, one person said I should demand the test and go to the doctors and not leave till they give it me- personally didn’t think was the best advice.

How long have people had to wait for blood tests and results?

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Further update is that my husband who is also a teacher has been in close contact with a child with it. Not getting anywhere with doctors, hitting my head against a brick wall.

All sounds like a bit of a nightmare for you, so frustrating when 2 people say different things. I’m not a teacher but a few years ago I had slap cheek (I know not common in adults) one of my managers was pregnant and I was sent home and not allowed back until it had cleared up so I didn’t put her at risk. I think you’re doing the right thing staying off x

As far as I am aware gp should be offering you a blood test. I would make an appointment, go in and refuse to leave until they give you one. Show them the nhs online page if necessary

If you can’t get an appointment then call 111 and speak to a gp there.

However, as a teacher you are highly likely to be one of the 60%+ of adults who is already immune xx

Thanks for the reply, been a long day! Rang 111 who sent a request through to the doctors saying I had to have a phone consultation. Receptionist rang me saying it would have to wait till Monday, even though 111 said needed to be today! So I said it wasn’t good enough.

My mum pulled some strings thank goodness she knows a nurse who has a friend working at early pregnancy unit at the hospital. So finally got my blood test and will get results tomorrow. Comes to something when I’ve had to bypass the doctors! Xx

Good luck and well done for your persistence x

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