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When should I test?

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Hi all,

So, I had a chemical pregnancy last month. My partner and I have been ttc for 6 months so starting to find it all quite difficult.

We decided to carry on trying right away and I've been feeling a lot of the same symptoms as last time - sore boobs, cramps, back ache, bloated - but less than before.

This is my first cycle since the chemical pregnancy so I know it could be different than usual (I was told 4-6 weeks).

My questions are:

1. When should I test? My period is due tomorrow going off my normal cycle length and it seems to follow the usual pattern.

2. Could my symptoms just be PMS symptoms but slightly worsened due to hormone levels still being a bit high from last month?

I know this is all futile really, I'll either come on my period or I won't. Why does it have to be so emotionally exhausting? 😂😂😂

Thanks if you made it through this post!

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