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Stop 19 month old naps or not?

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Hello ladies and mums.

Me and my partner can’t agree and we’re starting to argue about it...

So my 19 month old since the age of about 9 months has been having one nap a day for about 2 hours each time from 11-1 and going to bed at 6.30/6.45 (however she plays around for about a hour, so doesn’t fall asleep until about 7.30).

However about a month ago my partner lost his job, and she went through a week where she didn’t nap at all, so we ended up putting her to bed at 6 (she would be asleep within 15 mins).

However by doing this at midday she’s tired, grumpy and doesn’t move around much just lounges on us, and just wants to watch tv whilst sucking on her dummy (which I did really well when he was working as she only got it at bed/nap time, now she’s got it all the time)

Anyway now when she does go down for a nap at 11 she falls asleep really fast (which tells me she’s needs it), however bedtime is a complete nightmare for example tonight it’s been 2.5 hours already and there’s no sign of her sleeping anytime soon, I should mention that at both nap times and bed time either me of my partner will lie with her and hold her hand until she falls asleep but after a hour or so of her messing around we start to get annoyed.

My partner goes back to work in the new year, and I’m worried that if we quit the naps, I’m going to have a hard time of things for 50 hours of the week. I feel like it’s ok for him to say stop the naps but he won’t be here to deal with her.

Would you stop your child’s nap at 19 months? To make bedtime quicker and easier?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated Rebecca

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Hi Hun , me personally wouldn’t stop her nap altogether maybe you should cut her nap down . So at 11am let her sleep til 12pm and lunch at 12:30pm that way she would of recharged herself and ready to play for the next 6 hours before bath time and bed time.

My 3 girls grew out of nap times by 2 years old, I used to take them for a 15 minute walk to in the late afternoon for fresh air and tire them out. I used to just cut the hours or minutes down .

I can see that you both want the best for your daughter and less stress for yourselves, some children at private nursery still have a nap so it’s not a bad thing it’s just knowing how long of a nap is too long.

All the best xx

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ReBeCcA-90 in reply to Sisi14

Thank you for taking the time to read and reply, wasnt sure if anyone would.

Finally got her to sleep, when my partner came back down we had a massive chat I think he understands why naps are so important to me.

He said tonight he was only annoyed as we had our tea in the oven cooking, and after a hour it was done and she wasn’t asleep.

He said he wouldn’t mind being up there with her at night for 1.5 hours, providing he’s not down here thinking of tea also.

We have agreed to try eating whilst she is still awake tomorrow evening (which I don’t like doing), but if he’s prepared to work with my need for Lily to have a nap, then I can grin and bear eating at that time.

If that fails, we will try shorten the naps.

We still have 3 weeks before he’s back to work, so can still try and establish another routine, although the Xmas week really doesn’t help, as we only have one bedroom which is right above the living room and it’s all open plan, and I don’t like asking my whole family/guests to whisper for 1.5/2 hours.

So there’s at least 4 days in a row she will miss out on nap! Still it’s xmas so will try not to let it bother me! Lol

Again thank you so much for advice x

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Sisi14 in reply to ReBeCcA-90

Aw that’s ok lovely, I’m glad that you and your partner have spoken about it and it’s a trial and error situation, but you will know what suits your daughter and your family life and time. Christmas and celebrations can be hard but I’m sure your work through it. All the best and have a lovely Christmas xx

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ReBeCcA-90 in reply to Sisi14

Have a lovely Christmas to you and your family too! Xx

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Sisi14 in reply to ReBeCcA-90

Thankyou lovely xx

That’s very very early to stop naps generally and it sounds like she is overtired at the moment and that’s why you’re having problems. Once you get back into a proper routine with naps than hopefully things will improve.

Thank you for responding!

I also think a lot of the times she’s overtired.

Partner has (I think) come around to my way of thinking and he’s agreed to keep trying different ways of keeping the naps but also not making bedtime such a battle.

It doesn’t help that one of his students (he’s a driving instructor) said that she stopped her children’s naps at the age of one, now he thinks it’s ok. And it might of been for her but I know it’s not for us.

Again thank you for your advice x

Yeah I’d just cut the nap to an hour not stop it see how it goes.

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ReBeCcA-90 in reply to gcw104

Thanks for advice and replying!

We have ended up doing this today (not by choice), I laid with her for 45 mins and finally she fell asleep but only for about 1 hour, bring her down at this point And she falls asleep on the floor, but only for 15 mins or so. Lol

Still I guess it will all sort itself out soon, and I guess I should go with it, instead of worrying about it. X


I can only speak if what i have learnt with my son!

He always liked his naps, I have encouraged him to have them first 4, 3, then 2 and when he was about 16-17months old I’ve (or maybe he did this to himself) set him on one nap a day. He is still on nap times sometimes being at 3 and 9months old one and this when he has tiring day or we travel.

I do however always adjustment with his sleep, I make sure he sleeps little now through the day so he’s ready for bedtime at 8pm. When he was little I’ve made sure he is not starting his nap later in a day and by 3pm he always awake.

It’s hard however sometimes as the tiredness of kid can be difficult and often I found better to allow him to sleep more if saw him being very tired.

I also did let him going to bed later, I’m full time working mum and have no chance to see him often during week days so I didn’t mind if he was staying with us later, after all this was only temporary solution. Since my boy turned 3got to preschool he cut off his naps himself and I also making sure he’s bed early 8pm, he never went to bed 6-7pm as thought is way to early especially if had afternoon nap.

My son improved significantly with sleeping order after he turned 3. My lessons from his development is that kids needs sleep well, we can help them to adjust their routines, but in early age they will wake up at night more often and that’s ok, yes annoying but it’s only temporary 😉

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ReBeCcA-90 in reply to Anya80

Thank you so much for the advice.

Sorry I am only just replying-My partner has a sickness bug yesterday/today so have been running around after both of them plus trying to do my normal house jobs!

She fell asleep within minutes on today’s nap, so I am pleased we have decided that they must still continue.

Plus today she’s gone to bed half a hour later, as for the past hour she’s been yawning and lounging on me (which she only does when tired). However I can hear her up there talking! 😆

Fair play to you for being a full time me, I don’t think I’d have the energy too-however I had a call tonight for a job interview (only 10 hours per week) but I’m happy with that, however I don’t have much experience so doubt I will get it...

Anyways I will let you enjoy your evening!

Again thanks for responding x

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Anya80 in reply to ReBeCcA-90

Hi 😀

I think you right with allowing your daughter to have nap, she’s still small and gets tired easily from activities.

Good luck with job interview if you like it I hope you get it😉

I wished I had at least some days off in a week but I have to work. Well maybe one day will be able to do that, its shame not now though.

Have a lovely eve and weekend soon xxx

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