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Booking in appointment today

Well, I can hardly believe it. I have reached 10 weeks (well today is 10+2). Today I am reaching another milestone. My booking in appointment with the midwife. I have never ever in my life reached this point.

Anyone have any pointers or tips about what to ask? Should I have a full bladder? What's the script here?

Thanks all and happy Monday! Xxx

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Aw congratulations to you and little bean hun! You don’t need a full bladder but enough to provide a urine sample as that will be checked. They do your bp and weight and talk about your medical history and give you your notes and a blood form so you can get your bloods done. They might say you need the flu jab if you’ve not had it. I hope all goes well. Xx

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Wow, thanks for such a quick response. Great news I don't have to waddle in with a full bladder he he. And thanks for the reassurance x

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Your very welcome. I hope all goes well, the appointment is about half hour to and an hour. I’ll be waddling to mine today at 11:45am . Xx

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Oooh, have fun x

Huge congratulations Camillage💝

Having this milestone reached its great achievement and stepping into very exciting moment😀

Once you are with your midwife she will take you through all necessary actions. She will look after yourself and baby and you can pass any concerns as you may have. I wish you will get the right one compassionate person who will make you feel comfortable and to be trusted. Mine one, Kelly, was just absolutely fantastic person I always wanted to get back to her, she congratulated me at first talked to me as we were friends for ever, gave me a starting pack and created record for my pregnancy. She was very trusted.

All the best to you and have a lots of excitement with tor baby bump, enjoy as much you can in this moment by taking each day as is. It’s such a wonderful journey even more as we are around Christmas soon🎄💗💝🎄🎅

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Thank you. That sounds lovely x

Hello Camilla! Congratulations once again, I'm wishing you all the best.xx

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Thanks x

Amazing! Happy Monday for sure xx

I've got my midwife app on wednesday too well again! Bloods check for STI, blood type, check your pregnant, urine, blood pressure, carbon monoxide test, bmi, yours and hubs family medical history, stupid questions like were you excuded from school! Which hospital you want to have baby, Previous pregancies incl mc & birthed children. If you suffer from domestic abuse which theyll do without your parnter knowing if hes there he might have to step out.

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Great to know, thanks

Good luck with your appointment! I'm actually really glad you asked that as it is on my mind too! I'm two weeks behind you, but I have my booking in appointment tomorrow! I guess different gp practices must be on slightly different schedules. I've tried googling around but there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of info about this!

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Btw how are you feeling now? I'm 7+5 and am currently in the middle of exhaustion hell lol. Really hope this passes soon!

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I go from complete exhaustion and feeling like I have the fly coming on to feeling absolutely normal with bags of energy. It's strange and worrying. But I read somewhere and on lots of queries and answers that it is quite normal. Not only normal but expected with all the hormone changes that at going on. As we adjust to each change we then "normalise" then start to feel weird again when it changes again.

Will let you know what happens xx

It is great! So happy for u! Hope eveything goes on in the best way! Take care !


Well that was all very straight forward. Bloods, pee, carbon monoxide and weight (no fair) and a host of medical history questions then all done. A bit of an anticlimax really ha ha. After everything else it is all straight forward. Lovely midwife, explained I will be under consultant because of my, ahem, "advanced years" amd explained what will happen over the next 30 weeks. Ohhh, just realised when doing the calculations for that - I am 1/4 way through. Wow!

Onto the next 2ww! (For 12 week scan).

Thanks for all your help ladies x

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Glad all went well lovely, not long now to see your little bean xx

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1/4 Of the way there. Xx

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So glad it went well. I had my 24 week appointment today (24plus1). I can't believe how fast it goes! I'm classed as high risk due to having lupus so have lots of extra monitoring too but I find that helps the time go faster. Enjoy feeling your little one grow- mine has started to move and let me know she's there- such a magical feeling and I think even more so if you've had problems conceiving like we have xx

Glad it went well not the most exciting part of pregnacy lots of questions and form filling.

Glad it all went well! I’ve got mine next Monday the scan on 20th December! Next week is a big one! I still can’t quite believe it all! X

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I know. It's like living another life x

Glad all went well not long til your scan exciting times take care xxx

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Thank you. Still seems quite surreal x

Congratulations on reaching this point.

Mine just asked lots questions and gave me lots of information some of which seemed a bit premature eg. about breastfeeding.


Big congrats, ask about things that worries you but write all your questions down before your appointment so u dont forget. Best wishes. Stay well.

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