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Cream to prevent tearing during birth


Hi all,

Maybe someone is using something like this and can give me the latest product info?

Five years ago I had a fab cream that I’d apply to the vaginal area, it was supposed to help stretch the skin better during birth and preventing ripping. Perineal cream I think it’s called.

I did tear a bit but not too bad.

With No2 I completely forgot about it until it was too late and I ripped terribly. So this time round I’m thinking it can’t do any harm... but I’m sure in the last 5 years new products have appeared (and i can’t remember the name of the one I used back in 2013.

Any suggestions?

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Creams don't do much in themselves, its more the massage that stretches the area in preparation for giving birth. You can use a regular lubricant designed for sex, or even coconut oil, and massage for 5 minutes twice a day. There are creams available on the market, but its a money making thing, there are much cheaper alternatives that work just the same xx

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