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Blood type test

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So I got the results of my blood tests back at my latest appointment with the midwife and I found out that my blood type is one of the rarest negative blood groups. I was told that I need anti-d injections to avoid rejecting baby- has anyone else had this? I just had no idea it was a thing, and don’t really know what to expect or how it affects things! xx

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Its more common than you think. I had my anti d injection a couple of weeks ago. Then may need another one after birth. My midwife gave me a leaflet maybe ask for one so you get right information x

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GM99 in reply to MissEd

Ah yeah that would be good as they didn’t explain anything about it, just that I needed the injections! How was the injection? x

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MissEd in reply to GM99

pretty painful. i just had it in my arm, she asked if i wanted it in my bum though! Could have just been the lady that did it, some people are worse than others!

Yes I was the same had a anti d injection half way through and after birth.. but everything was all good x

I’m also this blood type. Had an anti-d vac already due to a pretty bad bump to the stomach. Due to have another at 28 weeks and then one after birth.

I had the injection in my bum cheek, it was a short sharp scratch feeling followed by a stinging sensation, but not for long.

Most importantly it’s not to worry about!

You are like me negative blood it was explained to me that

Negative blood is d d

Positive blood is. D d Or D D

They will check the daddies blood group to determine what he is. If negative no issues. If positive whichever way it is they will monitor your anti d levels throughout the pregnancy but it should cause no real issue. You will get an anti d injection throughout your pregnancy just like you would get immunised against the mmr

Please do not worry xxx

I’m b negative which is the second rarest.

You’ll be absolutely fine don’t forget your injection after the birth x

Thanks everyone! I think I was just worrying because I hadn’t heard of it before and then they literally told me nothing about it other than I needed an injection! Xx

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