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Private scan at 9w + 5

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So, after obsessively testing and noticing the line slowly fade, and then noticing my symptoms pretty much disappear around 8/9 weeks ish (apart from the excessive tiredness, that stayed, but life just makes you tired right?! Haha!)...I think I got myself in a little pickle with worrying! So, despite not really having the money to spare, I decided to pay for a private scan yesterday (£59, and worth every penny!) and I was so delighted to see my little one wriggling around on the screen (did not expect that so early on but was incredible to see!) and heard a strong heartbeat, so I'm feeling so relieved and reassured! Was definitely worth the money for peace of mind.

So, I'm writing this little update as a little reassurance for anyone who may be searching 'symptoms disappeared' (as I did a lot!!), I know everyone reassures you this is normal and just the way it is...preparing us for a lifetime of worry hehe! But it's nice to read stories to support it. Anyway, that's my little all feels so real now and I couldn't be more excited! Just want to get to my dating scan now and then I can happily share the wonderful news with my family and friends! Continuing to hope, pray, have positive thoughts and talk to my little one daily...feeling happy, and continually hopeful! Hope you're all good too whereever you are on your journey xx

7 Replies

Aw congratulations. You’ll be amazed how much baby changed between now and 12 weeks on the scan xx

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Aww, thank you so much! And yes I just can't wait!! It blows my mind how much they grow in there, no wonder we feel so tired facilitating such miraculous changes! xx

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Congratulations sometimes we have these things for reassurance I bet you so glad you did ! Not long now til 12 week scan 😊 wishing you a smooth pregnancy now xxxx

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Thank you so much! Yes I'm so pleased I decided to do it, such a reassuring sight, I couldn't believe it! Thank you for your kind thoughts xx

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A huge congratulations, I’m glad you feel better now you had that scan , I bet it was the best £59 spent ! Not long now til you’re dating scan, I wish you and baby a happy and healthy 9 months xx

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Thank you so much! And yes it really was, so so worth it! And so excited for dating scan now too! Thank you so much for your kind wishes xx

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Aw so happy for you , pregnancy is such a blessing but brings so many ups and downs. All the best xx

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