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Cant keep up with 5 year olds best friend

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Hi this is probs the wrong place to post but here goes. My 5 year old has a best friend who has everything as shes an only child. So if i get my daughter something her friend has 2 of it. My 5 year old is the oldest of 3 and i cant afford to keep up or get her things for the sake of it. Christmas is coming up and if im honest she has more than the younger 2 but her friend will have way more. Dont get me wrong shes not ungrateful but sometimes she says well iv got 1 n she has 2 or 3. I dont like her feelin i care less that her friends mum as its not the case. Has anyone else had this or can offer advice. Thanks x

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Just be honest and explain that families have different amounts of money, that children who are only children often have more toys and point out how lucky she is to be able to share her friend’s toys if she moans about not having them herself. It’s not too early to start with pocket money either- you could begin giving her a small amount each week so she starts to understand the value of money. As she gets older she will hopefully start to realise that having siblings is more precious than having lots of toys.

My little boy is five and I just remind him that he is very lucky to have the things that we can afford as there are children and families that can't afford anything extra. It is hard when someone else they know gets a lot but we need to remind them and ourselves making memories and spending time with our children is priceless.

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