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19 week worries 😬

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Hi everyone,

I’m 19 weeks and for the last few days have been getting a few twinges and everything feels like it’s tightening up, is this normal? Please tell me it is.

I heard the heartbeat on Thursday and the midwife said it was lovely and strong but since last night I’ve convinced myself something’s gone wrong again 😢

Im trying to tell myself worrying won’t change again and if the baby is still okay worrying won’t do them again but any advice would be much appreciated!

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Sounds normal hun.

Not long till the next scan surely? Xx

Thank you! It’s on Friday so luckily not long at all xx

Could be baby moving further into position or changing position . Could also be start of braxton hicks. They feel like tightening . If at all worried though get checked and ask to be scanned earlier xx

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Thank you, I’m going to speak to the midwife on Monday. Seems scary thinking it could be braxton hicks xx

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It is scary but braxton hicks shouldn’t hurt . If they do best to get checked xx

Definitely normal, it will be stretching things in there xxxx

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Thank you xx

Yep stretching, pulling, tightening all normal. Braxton Hicks can start from 16 weeks. Think mine started about 22 weeks. All sounding good - you’ll be grand my lovely xx

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Phew! Thank you, hope you’re doing well can’t be to long now xx

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WeeMrsH in reply to E_05

I am 34 weeks tomorrow but they might induce me at 38-39 weeks. So only 5-6 weeks left! 😃 xx

I got Braxton hicks from about 16 weeks and also round ligament pain is pretty common so it could be that. As the others have said everything is stretching so it all sounds pretty normal. xx

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Thank you, I didn’t realise they started so early. Hope you’re doing well xx


Could definitely be braxton hicks, I also got them quite early on and they were pretty uncomfortable!

It’s hard to to worry but hopefully when you see your midwife on Monday she can offer some reassurance and then your scan on Friday. Although the worry never really leaves it will get a little easier when you start to feel baby moving around.

Are you finding out the sex of baby? Xxx

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Thank you, definitely feel more a little more re assured now. I’ve started to feel some movements which has been amazing so hoping soon it’ll get stronger 🤞🏻

No we’ve decided we don’t want to know as long as they arrive healthy but my gut instinct is saying boy.

How are you and your little boy doing? Xx

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