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19 week ultrasound

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Okay so I am 19 weeks pregnant and I went for my anatomy scan on yesterday. The tech kept saying that my baby was folded like a taco and she wasn't able to see the gender. She tried for about 30 minutes and I could tell she was getting frustrated. She made me do jumping jack, run in place, hold my breath and switch to both sides and she was still having a hard time finding the gender. I was also told that I have placenta previa so idk if that changes anything. Then at the end she goes it's a boy!! She also said she thought it was a girl a few times. I asked if she was 100% sure and responded "I think". I've attached a photo, I'm not convinced because of how long it took her and she seemed unsure. Thank you

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If the sonographer wasn’t too sure then I don’t think anyone on here is likely to be able to tell from the picture unfortunately.

If you want to be completely sure and can afford it then a NIPT blood test like Harmony gives you a definite result. Or (much cheaper) you could pay for a 3D or 4D scan a bit later on to get a better view?

I can’t even make out the baby in that pic lol

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Yeah she took horrible pictures, lol. I guess it's a leg on the left and supposedly boy parts in the middle

I would pay for a gender scan if you want to know for sure

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Thank you , I will definitely do that. I rotated the picture to see if that helps, I have 2 boys already and this doesn't look anything like my other 2.

I got told I was having a girl at my 20week scan... I gave birth to a little boy! Maybe book a private scan or wait for your next one to be sure x

They can’t be 100% unfortunately They tend to not say for definite in case they are incorrect . May be best waiting that extra week for the next scan and seeing what they say then xx

Definitely hard to Tell what’s what on the scan of definitely get another one done and talk to you maternity dr about the placenta previa just to make sure it really is and where to go from there and previa means the placenta is covering part or all of the cervix

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