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TENS Unit - Helping with birth?

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Hello all,

I got speaking to my coworkers about labor as it is my first birth. Both ladies did a natural birth with no epidural. They use this gadget called TENS Unit which you can rent it from BOOTS or buy it. What it does it sent a current everytime you get a contraction (wave if you're into Hypnobirthing) also keep you occupied during that waiting period. I'm planning to get mine (rental) after I do some more reading. I just wanted to share with you.

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It’s like one of them ab toners but for your back I used it with my first I actually had no idea what it was supposed to be doing as it didn’t take away any pain. I didn’t bother I thought it was a waste of time. Irritated me more than anything.

I used a TENS machine throughout my induction and labour until the pushing stage and I didn’t realise how much it was helping until I took it off! Would definitely recommend it, although it might not work for everyone it’s worth a try! Xx

Like the below two said... I found a position where it was kind of helpful but the baby kept kicking me when I was using it for some reason and that undid any pain relief. Your colleagues sound v impressive! Just my opinion but don’t be pressured into having a natural birth with no pain relief. Labour is... tough, and it’s ok to accept help with the pain. Natural birth sounds great in principle but there is a reason these amazing pain killers exist! I really liked the idea of a natural birth, ideally using the pool, and in retrospect I can’t honestly advise it. Sorry if that’s not what you want to hear but I think we tell a lot of porkies to women to avoid worrying them and obviously it’s good not to fret but you also need to go in armed!!

I used it until I was about 6cm dilated. It definitely helped in the very early stages. Towards the end, when it was getting too painful, I asked my hubby to control the tens as I just couldn't concentrate on all the buttons.

My advice would be to familiarise yourself with the controls, and try not to start with the tens too early to get the most benefit.

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