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Feeling nervous

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Hey girls

Ok so I’m feeling very nervous. My little boy is 6.5 months old and tomorrow will be my first night away from him, my younger sister is looking after him. Her and her husband and kids (3) will come to mines to stay.

I feel so nervous, I’m worried he won’t settle as house will be too busy, I’m worried about the sleeping situation because he still will only sleep on my chest. My sister said he’ll be fine and I know she’s experienced with having 3 kids. I just feel so anxious about the whole thing.

However, after him sleeping on my chest for this long and being up constantly through the night I do desperately need a break and me and my partner haven’t shared a bed since he was born due to the co sleeping situation so as a couple we also need this time.

I feel so selfish but we just need a little time for us.

I don’t even know why I’m posting really, just looking for some reassurance that maybe the first night away isn’t as bad as you imagine?

My MIL has said she won’t babysit until he sleeps so unfortunately we’ll rarely have the opportunity to do this and I wouldn’t expect my sister to do this often with having 3 young kids of her own, so I’m hoping to make the most of this.


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Aw I feel for you. It’s really hard having to leave them even if it’s in good hands it’s not your hands. I’ve not left my girl over night yet but I’ve left her in the day a few times with my dad.

I’m sure he will be absolutely fine and if it’s that bad then you can always go home but they might all surprise you. You need to have some me time and some time alone with your partner.

If she’s bringing her children with her just having them there and taking in all the activity might wear him out and help him sleep better.

I hope you can try and have a nice evening xx

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Thanks for your reply 😊

I hope he does surprise me and all goes smoothly. I think your right he loves being around the kids so that’ll keep him occupied hopefully and maybe even tire him out so he sleeps a little better! 🤞

Thank you 😘 xxx

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Try and enjoy yourself and let us know how he gets on xx

Hope you manage to relax and enjoy some well deserved quality time with your partner. You never know, the change in routine might help him sleep! Xx

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