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Cryptic pregnancy?

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Guys I don’t know what’s happening to my body I’ve been having pregnant symptoms with. Come and go since September when I first had unprotected sex.i have taken test even blood test cane negative.i did a lot of research and I cane across cryptic pregnancy and all the symptoms were exactly what I was having which is period ever month shortened and pregnancy symptoms like nausea vomiting and too much saliva which makes me sick. Also Its been five months since I’ve had the symptoms and now my belly has from a bit big which makes me abit uncomfortable cause I struggle to bed and sleep on my belly.just yesterday I had to go A&E because I had really bad stomach puns which wen through my back and breast also my trousers and jeans won’t button My doctor said he will get me a scan to check if there’s a baby. Anyone agree is cryptic pregnancy?

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I’m on ovia chat loads of women have all these symptoms and they’re not pregnant, have missed periods and negative tests so your not alone. You might want to try to get your hormone levels checked and do you do opk? You might not be ovulating or have other issues but sounds pretty common especially when your wanting pregnancy to happen.

Sounds like it could be a hormone imbalance to me? There’s blood test that they do at certain days in your cycle to see if your body is producing the correct hormones maybe you should go to your gp to see if they would investigate further?

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